Small change. Big difference.

Introducing our GreenSkies initiative

At Loganair, we are passionate about the future of the world we live in. That is why we have launched our GreenSkies programme.

We are proud to be the first UK regional airline to take such an ambitious step towards managing and mitigating the environmental impact of flying, and see our decision as a clarion call for all transport providers – road, rail and ferry as well as aviation – to address and reduce emissions across the entire transport industry.

We have set ourselves a goal to have our operations carbon neutral by 2040 and have already been working hard on projects behind the scenes.

Short term - what is happening now 

The first part of our initiative includes the introduction of a £1 charge on every customer flight and this will go towards fully offsetting the carbon emissions generated from Loganair’s operations.

The decision to involve every single Loganair customer in contributing to GreenSkies was taken so that together we can use our collective power to make a difference while ensuring the cost to each and every individual is affordable.

It’s important to us that we’re upfront about the £1 charge. We want to be honest with our customers and we know this will help them to understand how committed we are to highlighting the need to recognise the impact of each passenger journey. If we simply incorporated this contribution invisibly into our fares, that important message would be lost.

Funds raised will be invested in projects all over the world that meet internationally accredited standards to remove carbon from the atmosphere. We utilise only carbon credits accredited and certified the highest international standards in our net-zero plan. We have purchased a variety of different credits which support a range of projects, some focused on renewable power, others working to preserve and enhance rain forests in Asia and South America.

Got any questions? Read more here.

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Longer term - looking to the future

We are in the race to net zero, but it isn’t a sprint. We want to ensure that the steps we’re taking now will have a significant impact on our future. While the carbon offsetting programme is the first step, we need technology that removes the carbon altogether.

We will be introducing sustainable aviation and hydrogen fuel, in addition to battery electric and hydrogen powered light aircraft, in incremental phases as technological advances allow.

We have already renewed our fleet with the most fuel-efficient regional aircraft available – ATR42 and ATR72 turboprops – and we’re investing in exciting electric-powered aircraft trials that could generate zero-carbon flying, as well as other innovative flight planning technology.

Through the Future Flight projects, we are engaging with leading aerospace and technology companies to ensure we can have the systems we need to achieve our carbon neutral goal. Part funded by Innovate UK, the Future Flight program is designed to develop the future, cleaner technologies necessary to enable aviation in the coming decades. As part of the initiative, we have teamed up with innovative industrial partners to develop low carbon air transport solutions using Hydrogen fuel, in addition to electric battery and hybrid technologies, as well as looking at the ground infrastructure needed to support future aircraft.

We are also a partner of Project Fresson, developing a Hydrogen fuel cell powered conversion of the BN2B Islander aircraft used by Loganair on our Orkney inter-isles services. The summer of 2021 will see us take part in tests in Orkney, a place with a strong history of involvement in green technology - an exciting next step towards electric and hydrogen powered aircraft being available within the next decade.

Passenger safety remains our priority until such technology is available, but meanwhile we are committed to the initial carbon offsetting phase of GreenSkies to achieve a more immediate win – in partnership with our customers.