Welcome to Loganair's New FlightLOG Podcast...

In our brand-new podcast series: FlightLOG, we go behind the scenes with the experts from the UK’s largest regional airline. In the first three episodes, we reflect on what makes Loganair so unique from other airlines; the operation, the team and the business. We also consider what the future has in store as Loganair embarks on its flight path to a more inclusive and sustainable future for regional air connectivity.

Episode 9: Slots and Scheduling

In this episode, we catch up with Richard McClure, Commercial Planning Manager, about the intricacies of managing our schedules, from the world's global airports, like Heathrow, to scheduling flights around tides at Barra.


Episode 8: Training

In this episode, we chat with Ronan Milne, Head of Training, about how Loganair's crew are trained to the highest standards and how those standards are maintained. Ronan also touches upon what it takes for our pilots to operate at some of the world's most challenging airport approaches and the skillset needed to fly across our diverse route network.


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Episode 7: Brand and Advertising

Advertising and branding are something that we see in almost all aspects of our lives, whether you're standing at a bus stop, checking out the traffic update, watching your favourite TV show or listening to your favourite radio station. It's something you can't escape to notice. But how do brands tell their stories and find their audiences? And what does making a national television advert for an airline entail? Find out more on this episode from Sam Talbot, Head of Marketing & Brand.



Episode 6: Flight Safety and Support Operations

Safety is at the heart of what we do at Loganair, as our Flight Support Manager, Stewart Houston, explains. In this episode, Stewart also discusses the key calculations and planning required to maintain UK regional connectivity by air. No two days are the same - it could go from reweighing an aeroplane and updating all the data for that reweigh, planning a charter, or liaising with pilots when there’s adverse weather conditions.



Episode 5: Our Chief Operations Officer

In this episode, Maurice Boyle, Chief Operations Officer, speaks all about his time in the aviation business (47 years to be precise!). From starting out at Edinburgh Airport in the cargo warehouse as a clerk – right through to his position now, Maurice discusses what that wealth of experience through the industry's many varying divisions and world locations means he brings to Loganair every day. He discusses what it takes for his team to run the airline on a daily basis and his targets and aspirations for its future.



Episode 4: Loganair's Charter Business

At Loganair, there is another significant part of the business that is less well-known to some - our charter services. In this episode, we go behind the scenes with Fiona MacLeod, Director of Charter Services to explore the role of her all-female team that delivers a wide variety of charter operations. From mail services to time-critical flights for the most famous of celebrities and sports teams - this episode really is well worth a listen!



Episode 3: Diversity and Inclusion

At Loganair, our teams are based in all corners of the UK, from as far north as the Shetland Islands to major cities such as Newcastle. Lyndsay Kennedy, our Head of HR, discusses the unique employment opportunities at Loganair and how people in aviation who wish to join our Clan really can do the job they love in the places they love. Find out more about our "Flying's for all" programme, how we're investing in our people and making progress on the themes which our people tell us are the most important to them in the workplace, including support for the LGBTQ+ community, mental health and equality for women in the industry. 


Episode 2: Regional Connectivity

When you think of an airline, you might think of those brightly coloured Boeing 737's taking you to holiday destinations in Spain. In this episode though, Luke Lovegrove, Chief Commercial Officer at Loganair, discusses what makes Loganair so unique from the other airlines, what exactly we mean by "regional" and what it takes to make a successful business which operates flights on a beach runway in Barra one morning and into London Heathrow the next. The episode also speaks about Loganair's unique connection with the communities in which it serves and the diversity of its business including NHS patients, energy sector workers and even our less publicised, but important and growing cargo network. Luke also reflects on Loganair's strategy to make local airport's "global" via our growing family of worldwide airline partners.


Episode 1: Sustainability

Regional air services are an essential and irreplaceable part of the UK's transport infrastructure for which so many businesses and communities depend. As a leading airline brand, we have a duty to ensure we deliver those services sustainably for future generations to come and to encourage other transport providers to do the same. In this episode, Loganair's Chief Executive, Jonathan Hinkles, discusses Loganair's innovative GreenSkies programme to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040, how it works, the progress that's been made so far, and the most promising future flight technology that could be applied in practical use-cases on Loganair's unique route network.