Accessibility & Assistance Hub

How we can help you on your journey.

From the beginning to the end of your journey with us, we can offer additional assistance at any time, regardless of your concern.

Here, you can find everything you need about accessibility and additional assistance. This includes but is not limited to travelling with a visual or hearing impairment, determining whether you can fly, or the procedure when flying with a guide dog.

If you cannot find information specific to your situation or would feel more comfortable speaking to us about more complex requirements, please contact our Help Centre, who will gladly support you. 

How can we help?

Hearing or Visual Impairments

  • We can arrange for additional assistance from the moment you check in until you’re seated on the aircraft and again on arrival at your destination. If you notify us in advance, our cabin crew will also provide a one-to-one safety briefing for our hearing-impaired customers, and for visually impaired customers, we can provide the briefing in braille.


    We offer the following options to support you on your journey:

    • To travel independently with assistance from our airport teams


    • A 50% discounted fare* for a companion that you would like to travel with


    • To travel with your Assistance Dog.


    Your Assistance Dog can travel free of charge with you in the Cabin, but please notify us before you book your flight, as we can only accept one dog in the cabin on any one flight.

    Unfortunately, we cannot carry pets to or from London City Airport.


    If you are travelling with an assistance dog, please make sure to familiarise yourself with the full guidance for travelling with your dog in our guide to flying with assistance dogs.

    For safety reasons, we won’t be able to give you an exit-row seat when you fly with us.


    *based on our full fare


    Please get in touch with our Customer Help Centre on 0344 800 2855 for more information.

Non-Visible Disabilities

  • We understand that having a non-visible disability can make travelling an overwhelming or challenging experience. Our team are committed to making your journey as easy and accessible as possible, and we recognise that everyone’s needs are different.  

    Please contact us before you travel to confirm your individual requirements, and we can make sure that this information is communicated to our ground staff and cabin crew. We will handle any personal information you tell us with the utmost sensitivity, all with the aim of making your journey as stress-free as possible for you.

Assistance Animals

  • For your Assistance Dog to travel with you in the cabin, they must:

    • Be trained to assist you with a disability or medical condition
    • Have documentation confirming that it is a trained Assistance Dog
    • Wear an identifying jacket/harness
    • Remain under your control at all times
    • If your dog does not meet these criteria, or you are travelling with any other kind of assistance animal, it must travel in the hold as a domestic pet


    Your dog can travel free of charge with you in the cabin, but please notify us before you book your flight, as we can only accept 1 assistance dog in the cabin on each flight.

    We’ll ask you to provide a copy of the certification of training for your dog before we can confirm, and we recommend travelling with the certificate in case you’re asked to provide it at the airport.


    If you are travelling with an assistance dog, please make sure familiarise yourself with the full guidance for travelling with your dog in our guide to flying with assistance dogs.

    For safety reasons, we won’t be able to give you an exit-row seat when you fly with us.

Mobility Assistance

  • We can arrange wheelchair assistance at each end of your journey with us, but services may vary depending on where you fly to and from.

    For wheelchair assistance, we can arrange 3 levels of assistance based on your individual needs:  

        • Check-in to bottom of the plane steps (WCHR) 
        • Check-in to the door of the aircraft and assisting to the top/bottom of the steps (WCHS)
        • Check-in directly to your seat in the cabin (WCHC)

    We may need to contact you to ask you some questions around your wheelchair assistance request to make sure we can provide you with the most appropriate help.

  • When you fly with us, you can travel with your own wheelchair.

    We will carry up to two pieces of mobility equipment per person, free of charge, in the aircraft hold as long as we have available space.

    If your mobility equipment is worth more than £1,100, please make sure you’ve taken out suitable insurance, as our airline liability is limited by the Montreal Convention.

    Before you fly, we’ll need to check your wheelchair or mobility aids can be carried and loaded securely and that we have enough space for it to be stowed safely. With our aircraft, we have limitations on how many Electric Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters that we can safely carry.

    Please give us as much notice as you possibly can to make sure we can carry your equipment. 

Supplementary Oxygen Guidance

  • If you have a medical condition that requires the use of oxygen, you will need to travel with your own supply, which must be approved before you travel.

    Any oxygen cylinder must not exceed 5kg in weight (5 litres), and if you need to carry more than 1 cylinder at the maximum weight, it must also be authorised in advance.

    If you do need to use medical oxygen onboard, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have enough fully charged batteries for the duration of the flight and any possible delays. Batteries cannot be charged on board.

CPAP Machine Guidance

  • You can travel with a CPAP device (continuous positive airway pressure device), and it will not count towards your total baggage allowance.

    If you’re bringing a CPAP/PAP device into the cabin, please note that it cannot be used during the flight, so the batteries must be removed and packaged separately.

    Any lithium batteries will need to be approved for carriage in accordance with their Watt-hours.

    For safety reasons, we won’t be able to give you an exit-row seat when you fly with us.

Carriage of Medication Guidance

  • Any essential medication you might need during your journey with us should be carried in your hand luggage.

    Essential liquid medication in quantities over 100ml must be certified either by a doctor's letter or by a prescription and must be presented in their original containers. Please be aware that bottles and packaging may need to be opened by airport security during the screening process.

Pregnancy Guidance

  • You can fly with us up to and including week 36 of your pregnancy.

    After you reach 28 weeks, we will need a medical letter confirming your stage of pregnancy and fitness for travel after this point. Flying is not permitted from 37 weeks of pregnancy onwards, and new mothers can only fly within seven days of giving birth on completion of the required medical form.

    Please remember, if you’re planning a journey when you’re pregnant, that you complete any return leg of your journey by no later than week 36.



    If you’re travelling to and from the Highlands and Islands, you can fly up to week 40 of pregnancy, and there is no limitation post-birth as long as you provide us with a doctor’s letter stating that you are fit to travel.

Allergy Guidance

  • Please make sure our team are notified in advance of your flight about your nut allergy so that we can make a note your booking. We also recommend that you let our cabin crew know again when you are boarding the aircraft. Our crew will then make an announcement on board to ask other customers not to eat any nut products during your flight. 

    We will do all we can to help, but we cannot guarantee a nut-free environment on board our aircraft.

Your Obligations - What information do we require from you?

It’s important that you give us as much information as possible about any additional assistance needs that you have so that we can make your journey with us as smooth as possible and prioritise you when needed. Any personal information you share with us will be treated with the utmost sensitivity.


Can you travel alone?

If you can’t or would struggle to do any of the following by yourself, we need you to travel with a companion (who can travel at a discounted fare*) for your own well-being and safety during your journey:      

  • Understand the safety briefing.
  • Fasten and unfasten your seat belt when instructed by our crew.
  • Take out and put on your life jacket.
  • Leave your seat and get to an emergency exit.
  • Put on an oxygen mask.
  • Use the toilet.
  • Take medication.


*This is a 'drop-off' fare only in order to allow you to travel with a reduced-cost same-day return ticket, travelling back on the next immediate flight to the origin.

Further Information

  • When travelling with any medical or mobility equipment, please provide as much information as you can when booking so that we can make your journey as easy as possible.
  • We recommend you have suitable travel insurance for the duration of your trip.
  • Remember to bring any relevant documentation that we have asked you to carry.
  • Please arrive at the airport in plenty of time for us to get your assistance in place so that you can complete your journey comfortably. We recommend no later than 1 hour before departure.
  • Be confident that you’re medically fit to travel, especially if you intend to travel alone. If you have any doubts or concerns, please speak to us directly, and we can help answer your questions. Loganair offer discounted fares for any companions that you need to complete the journey if you cannot travel alone.                                                          

Full details of discounted companion fares can be obtained from our Customer Help Centre.