Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs Policy

Our Policy

Please note: we cannot carry pets to/from London City Airport.


1.1 Pets in the Cabin

Service animals such as 'Assistance Dogs' can only travel in the cabin.


1.2 What is an Assistance Dog?

An Assistance Dog has been trained to assist a person with a disability or medical condition and has been determined to be able to travel safely in the aircraft cabin. For your Assistance Dog to travel with you in the cabin, they must:

  • be trained to assist you with a disability or medical condition
  • have documentary evidence confirming that it has been trained as an Assistance Dog
  • wear an identifying jacket/harness and
  • remain under your control at all times
  • if your dog does not meet these criteria, it must travel as a domestic pet


1.3 Booking your Assistance Dog

Regarding documentation for your Assistance Dog, you can book your service dog at the same time you book your flight. However, we recommend no later than 48 hours before departure to validate your documentation and ensure everything is in place for the day you travel. When booking, you should provide the documentation; you may also be asked to present this at the airport. Therefore, we recommend carrying a copy.

Please allow plenty of time for staff to make the necessary checks.


1.4 Emotional Support Dogs

Loganair does not accept emotional support dogs in the cabin; they must travel in the hold in a specific animal container.


1.5 Guide, Hearing & Medical Alert Dogs

If you need to travel with a registered guide, hearing or medical alert dog, you can do so on the routes detailed below but subject to the following restrictions:


All flights between the United Kingdom & Northern Ireland and the EU, including Switzerland and Norway (including UK Domestic routes)

  • You must also have official documentation which confirms that the dog is a fully-trained assistance dog or is under the control of a trainer.

The documentation (which can be the Assistance Dogs (UK) ID Book) must be from an organisation that is affiliated with one of the following:

  • Assistance Dogs International (ADI)
  • Assistance Dogs UK (ADUK)
  • International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) *The dog must wear a standard identifying jacket or harness


If travelling between the UK and the EU, you must also.

  • have official documentation confirming that your assistance dog meets the UK Pet Passport Scheme requirements.


For all flights starting and finishing within the EU, including Switzerland and Norway but excluding the United Kingdom and Ireland, You must have official documentation which confirms that the dog is a fully trained Assistance Dog or is under the control of a trainer. 

The documentation must be from an organisation that is affiliated with one of the following:

  •  Assistance Dogs International (ADI)
  •  Assistance Dogs UK (ADUK)
  •  International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF)

*The dog must be wearing a standard identifying jacket or harness


1.6 On the day of travel

You should arrive early enough to complete all required procedures at the check-in desk; please arrive no later than 90 minutes before the flight. Your check-in will be completed, and you will make your way to the gate no later than 30 minutes before departure. The gate agent will board you in advance of all other passengers. Your dog should wear its harness and/or tabard for travel. On taking your seat onboard, you must secure your dog's harness to the seat belt using a seat belt extension provided by the cabin crew; the seat belt MUST be secured to the harness for take-off and landing, just as passengers do.


1.7 Our Liability

Loganair cannot accept liability for any animals that are not correctly documented. We recommend that you contact the airport authority of the UK airport before you travel to confirm Pet Passport details. Contact details are available via the airport websites, or you can get advice from Guide Dogs UK or the Pet Travel Scheme helpline. Subject to the above restrictions, the dog, containers, and food will be carried free in addition to the standard free baggage allowance. If possible, please let us know more than 14 days before your flight is due to leave if you are travelling with a guide or assistance dog; this will help ensure we have availability to accommodate your assistance dog. Please make sure you check in at least 2 hours before your flight is due to leave.


1.8 Refusal of carriage

Loganair will not accept dogs their owners have self-certified as emotional support dogs or other categories. Carriage of Assistance Dogs is subject to space availability on the aircraft. To help us ensure we have enough space for your Assistance Dog, we strongly suggest that customers notify Loganair of their intention to book an Assistance Dog at least 14 days before travel.