Accessibility Statement on and the Loganair App

1) Commitment

Loganair is an airline which believes flying should be for all. We recognise that many of our customers have differing needs and that, too often, it is easier for some to access services than others. That’s why Loganair has committed to ensuring its website is designed, updated and continually reviewed to make it more accessible for all.

Loganair is also committed to ensuring its website and app are accessible to customers on an equal basis, i.e. no parallel websites or apps will be developed for those with specific requirements.

2) The Standard

Providing accessibility to a “AA” standard in conformance with WCAG 2.1 is Loganair’s aim. However, we are aware there are areas of our site and app that are not yet achieving these criteria to meet this standard.

We are prioritising the development of our website accessibility for essential information pages, including the homepage, information on passenger rights, essential information for disabled customers and those with reduced mobility, as well as the booking and check-in functionality.

3) Known limitations of

With a view to continuously improving the accessibility of our website, we’ve identified a list of priority updates required:

  1. The website currently enables customers to use the keyboard as an alternative to a mouse or trackpad. However, we recognise there are some areas of the site where the use of a keyboard is limited. We’re working through a project of works to ensure this functionality is consistent throughout the website.

  2. The website currently enables customers to use screen readers when required. Our recent audits have highlighted some areas for improvement, particularly with the structure of content and use of headings, consistency in descriptions for buttons, images and call-to-action prompts, and order of screen reading on the navigation. Developing more consistency around these elements will provide an improved user journey for customers utilising screen readers.

  3. We are continuing to review colour contrast and the display of content when magnified to ensure we deliver the best possible user experience for all customers.

4) Measures taken to improve accessibility on

Loganair has committed to an ongoing accessibility audit programme with our website development partner.

A quarterly review assesses our websites performance in relation to WCAG 2.1 criteria to identify areas for improvement to ensure we can achieve AA standards. Once reviews have taken place, actions will then be implemented in time for the next review process – those actions taken to improve website accessibility will be published annually on

The audit process also considers non-WCAG items that can be addressed, as well as any new developments which can enhance our website and app accessibility.

5) Contact Information in Case of Problems

If you are experiencing accessibility challenges with our website or app, we welcome your feedback.

You can let us know by filling in our feedback form, which will be reviewed by our web team, or you can call us on 0344 800 2855.

Please note - this form is not suitable for use for requesting assistance with your booking, assistance at the airport or Clan Loganair. Please visit our Help Centre for more information.

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