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Customer Help Centre

Loganair and its service providers will always make every effort to ensure that you have a safe and pleasant flight. However, we recognise that despite our best efforts thing do sometimes go wrong and you need to contact us. 

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Extra Assistance

Some people need a little more help when travelling than others. If this is the case, then please advise the reservations agent when you make your booking, and Loganair and our service providers will do our best to ensure help is on hand.

Dynamic Timetable

Our timetables offer a complete listing of all scheduled flights operating under LM (Loganair) flight numbers.

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Flight status

Check the status of all Loganair flights. 

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At the airport

All you need for travelling through the airport, including; specific airport information, bag drop and mobile boarding passes. 

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Check-in times

Check-in times for domestic and short-haul European flights. 

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Information on baggage including; luggage, types of baggage we carry, excess baggage and lost luggage. 

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International flights

Travelling on an international flight?

We are required by law to collect travel document information from you – known as “Advanced Passenger Information”.

Please submit this to us no later than 48 hours before your departure, to avoid delays at the airport.

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Conditions of carriage

All the information outlines our conditions of carriage. 

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