For bookings not made directly with Loganair

Loganair works with a multitude of third -party agents, both online and offline, to ensure our flights are easy to book and accessible across as many channels as possible.

Whilst we know that our customers may have their preferred booking option sometimes you may think you are booking directly with Loganair and you are not. Should that be the case there are a few things we need to make sure you know.

  • When you book your ticket through a third party, in particular, a non-UK agent or for an itinerary involving an international routing, the monies will not necessarily be credited to Loganair until you have flown.
  • If you are eligible for a refund due to a cancelled flight this refund must be claimed through the agent, you booked with directly and not Loganair.
  • We must, as per our refund agreement with third parties, refund them directly and not you.
  • You are the customer of the party you booked through and not Loganair.
  • Loganair cannot accept any liability when it comes to third party bookings.