Our Fleet

Our Fleet

In 2023, Loganair will retire its remaining eight Saab 340B passenger aircraft, as it welcomes a further eight ATR next-generation turboprops into service in 2023.

The new ATR turboprops will bring up to a 27% reduction in carbon emissions per seat versus the Saab 340 which operate on Loganair’s Highland and Island routes. This supports the airline’s commitment to reducing emissions and becoming fully carbon neutral by 2040.

For more information on our fleet including; capacity, customer amenities, performance and other technical specifications please see the relevant information below. If you would like to charter any of our aircraft please visit the dedicated charter page. 

Our aircraft

  • Crew: 2 pilots 1 cabin crew

    Capacity: 48

    Seat pitch: 30in

    Range: 825mi 1326km

    Cruise speed: 350mph 563km/h

  • Crew: 2 pilots 2 cabin crew

    Capacity: 70

    Seat pitch: 30in

    Range: 950mi / 1528km

    Cruise speed: 340mph / 547km/h

  • Crew: 1 pilot / 0 cabin crew

    Capacity: 8/9

    Seat Pitch: 28in

    Range: 869mi / 1400km

    Cruise speed: 159mph / 257km/h

  • Crew: 2 pilots 1/2 Cabin crew

    Capacity: 49

    Seat pitch: 31in

    Range: 1439mi / 2315.8km

    Cruise speed: 520mph / 836km/h

  • Crew: 2 pilots / 0 cabin crew

    Capacity: 19

    Seat pitch: 30in

    Range:540mi / 869km

    Cruise speed: 172mph / 278km/h