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Weather Disruption – Thursday, 19 & 20 October 2023 – Storm Babet - Weather Policy Extension

High winds caused by Storm Babet are continuing to affect some services to/from Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, Kirkwall, Sumburgh and Campbeltown.

Due to ongoing adverse weather, we're extending our offer to adjust travel plans, free of charge, to customers travelling up until 1800 on Saturday 21 October.

Full lists of services disrupted by Storm Babet on Thursday 19 October and Friday 20 October are detailed below (Last updated: 1800, 20 October).

If your flight is not on this list and later cancelled you will also receive an email and/or text notification. We advise customers to check their flight status before travelling to the airport.


Cancellations Thursday 19 October

  • LM437 GLA-LSI
  • LM436 LSI-GLA
  • LM568 ABZ-MME
  • LM567 MME-ABZ
  • LM004 ABZ-NCL
  • LM057 ABZ-EBJ
  • LM058 EBJ-ABZ
  • LM025 ABZ-MAN
  • LM026 MAN-ABZ
  • LM065 ABZ-BHX
  • LM066 BHX-ABZ
  • LM622 DND-LSI
  • LM625 LSI-DND
  • LM085 ABZ-BHD
  • LM086 BHD-ABZ
  • LM036 ABZ-KOI
  • LM037 KOI-ABZ
  • LM051 ABZ-DUB
  • LM052 DUB-ABZ
  • LM078 ABZ-LSI
  • LM079 LSI-ABZ
  • LM007 NCL-ABZ
  • LM015 ABZ-NWI
  • LM016 NWI-ABZ
  • LM008 ABZ-NCL
  • LM496 GLA-SYY
  • LM479 SYY-GLA 
  • LM357 EDI-LSI
  • LM356 LSI-EDI
  • LM027 ABZ-MAN
  • LM028 MAN-ABZ
  • LM045 ABZ-BRS
  • LM046 BRS-ABZ
  • LM038 ABZ-KOI
  • LM067 ABZ-BHX
  • LM068 BHX-ABZ
  • LM080 ABZ-LSI
  • LM081 LSI-ABZ 
  • LM343 EDI-SYY
  • LM344 SYY-EDI
  • LM457 GLA-TRE
  • LM458 TRE-GLA
  • LM597 INV-MAN
  • LM598 MAN-INV


Cancellations Friday 20 October
(Last updated: 1800, 20 October)

  • LM070 ABZ-LSI
  • LM071 LSI-ABZ
  • LM432 GLA-KOI
  • LM435 KOI-GLA
  • LM398 KOI-EDI
  • LM399 EDI-KOI
  • LM447 GLA-CAL
  • LM448 CAL-GLA
  • LM455 GLA-BRR
  • LM456 BRR-GLA
  • LM457 GLA-TRE
  • LM458 TRE-GLA
  • LM036 ABZ-KOI
  • LM015 NWI-ABZ


You can choose to re-book on an alternative flight up to 7 days from your original travel date. There will be no change fee or difference in fare payable. If a seat is available on an alternative flight, you can transfer your booking to that flight without charge on a first-come, first-served basis.

The easiest way to change your flights is through the Manage my Booking page.


Please note if you have already checked in for your flight, please go to Manage my Booking on, where you can 'un-check' yourself from your flight and re-book. You cannot re-book unless you have un-checked yourself in advance.


If you cannot find a suitable alternative, you can reach our Help Centre on 0344 800 2855; our phone lines are open:

  • Monday to Friday, 0800–1800
  • Saturday, 0800-1400
  • Sunday, 1000-1700

Please have your booking reference on hand when you call, and we will do our best to help.


At this time, our disruption policy only covers travel on Loganair flights, and we cannot change any onward travel arrangements you may have in place with other carriers. If you choose to stay with your original travel plans, we want you to know that we will do everything we can safely to fly you to your destination as close to the scheduled time as possible.

We understand the inconvenience this will cause, but we ask for your patience. Given the expected levels of disruption, there will likely be longer than average waiting times to speak to our team.