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Spout, handle, lid of metal – Loganair flies the singing kettle!

Loganair has helped get the famous Singing Kettle off to a flying start on its 2023 summer tour.


The cherished Scottish children’s act, famed for its educational but entertaining songs and family-friendly show, has started its summer tour with a stop-off in Tiree before a trip to Stornoway.

The UK’s largest regional airline, Loganair, has proudly helped carry Artie Trezise and the iconic red Kettle to these remote communities, thanks to its unrivalled connections from the mainland.


Sam Talbot, Loganair’s head of marketing and brand, said:

“The Singing Kettle is a dear favourite for Scottish families, and it was an honour to have Artie and his famous Kettle flown to Tiree at the weekend to kick off this summer’s tour.

With a sold-out performance in Stornoway coming up this Saturday, it’s clear that audiences across the country still adore the singalongs and antics that only the Singing Kettle can bring. We wish Artie all the best on his flights and on the rest of the tour.”


Artie said:

“When I first looked at coming to Tiree and Stornoway, I couldn’t see how it could work out, but Loganair’s support has provided a lifeline to make these trips happen.

It was my first trip to Tiree, and I loved seeing the place and taking a stroll along the miles and miles of silver beaches on offer, which was a fantastic experience. The ‘Tiree Tots’ also made it an incredible day, with a lunch put on for the children and families there and the show put on for the afternoon entertainment.

Flying over in Loganair’s twin otter was also really exciting. Looking down at Scotland and the islands from 6,000 miles up was an adventure itself.

I really want to thank Loganair for their generous support, which has helped bring the show to places like Tiree, something that I wouldn’t have been able to do without.”


Loganair flies to both Tiree and Stornoway from a range of airports, offering passengers access to some of Scotland’s most remote destinations popular with tourists from across the world, as well as creating vital links for business and travel.


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