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HIAL Air Traffic Control Shortages at Kirkwall Airport 23 and 24 October

We’ve been advised by HIAL that Kirkwall Airport will be closing early on Wednesday 23 October due to air traffic control staff shortages.   As a result, the following flights are being cancelled:

Wed 23Oct: LM 038 Aberdeen to Kirkwall

Wed 23Oct: LM 399 Edinburgh to Kirkwall

Thu 24Oct: LM031Kirkwall to Aberdeen

Thu 24Oct: LM390 Kirkwall to Edinburgh

We’ll be notifying customers directly of these changes today and offering alternative flights to complete your journey.  Alternatively, if you elect not to travel, you will be entitled to a full refund for your trip.   We’re sorry for the inconvenience that we know this will cause, but can only ask for customers’ understanding that the situation is entirely beyond our control.