Your Journey, Claire's Joy.

Claire, following in the footsteps...

With a combined 56 years of Cabin Crew experience between her and her mum, Claire certainly knows how to look after a customer or two!

No two days are the same on the Loganair network, and Claire relishes the variety of the job and people she meets whilst doing it.

Claire's Journey to the Skies...

After graduating from university with a degree in Consumer Management, Claire naturally gravitated towards retail (but in the airport, of course!).

The infectious enthusiasm her mum had working for 35 years as Cabin Crew couldn't be ignored for long, and soon Claire decided to get her own wings. With the wisdom gained from university in customer service, quality assurance and teamwork, Claire has all the qualities to help make your journey a joy.


When Off Duty...

Claire's passion for keeping fit and staying active extends to multiple triathlons and half-iron competitions she's entered over the years.

Being competent in time management and being safety conscious is essential for her competitions, as well as her job, so it's certainly not something we'd ever discourage!

The Joy of The Job Itself...

Simply put: it's part of her DNA. Claire's favourite aspect of the role is that each day offers something different - she meets with customers from all walks of life and helps make their journey a joy.

Claire believes maintaining a healthy work/life balance is essential to keeping a healthy body and mind; making friends for life with her colleagues such as Audrey, is one of the things she cherishes about her job.


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