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Bristol is an incredible city to visit for its harbour, architecture, maritime history and the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta (which Loganair has previously had its own balloon to partake in it!). However, if you wish to escape and discover some other sights and villages nearby, we know a few places. The beauty of Bristol is that within 45 minutes, you can be in a different country, as well as in other locations around England, making it the perfect starting point for those who love exploring.

  • Fly to Bristol from Aberdeen and Jersey

The Cotswolds

In just around an hour’s drive from Bristol (depending on which area you visit), you’ll arrive in the beautiful Cotswolds. Whilst there, for a spectacular viewpoint, head to the iconic Broadway Towers, the Cotswolds’ highest castle, where you can see all the quaint Cotswolds honey-hued stone cottages and 16 counties around! There are also three museum floors, which you can visit before heading up to the rooftop viewing platform. For something more historical, one place which should be added to your Cotswolds’ bucket list is Chedworth Roman Villa, where you can see Roman mosaic floors, as well as some remnants of the baths. If you visit Cotswolds in the summer months, you might also be able to see the local lavenders in full bloom, which is far too beautiful of a sight to miss out on!

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Just an hour and 15 minutes drive away from Bristol, you can find Stonehenge. With its great Pagan significance, it’s the perfect place to learn all about spiritual traditions. Even though no one knows how the stones exactly got there, we do know that the circle is from the Neolithic Age and is around 3000-5000 years old, which we think is pretty impressive! Whether you get admission to the site or decide to just drive around it and stop to take photos, Stonehenge is surely worth the trip. Children are also allowed in this prehistoric monument, so why not make a family day out of it? And if you wish to make the most out of your day and of Stonehenge’s surrounding areas, you can head to Salisbury for a meal, where you’ll get to enjoy its quaint streets and medieval cathedral!

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Bath is one of the largest cities in Somerset, making it the perfect destination as there is lots to see and do. It makes for a great day trip from Bristol as within just a 10-minute train ride, you can explore several historical landmarks, beautiful architecture, quaint streets and sights, including the Roman Baths (a pretty obvious one!), the beautiful botanical gardens and the stunning Abbey. Bath is a great city to explore with family and friends, but more so, it is the ideal place for culture and history lovers! If you don’t have a car, fret not, as you don’t need one for the journey there, nor for the time when you’re there as it’s very easy to walk or cycle around.

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