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Temporary suspension of island routes at Inverness due to industrial action at HIAL airports.

In view of ongoing industrial action in the form of “work to rules” at airports operated by Highlands & Islands Airports Ltd (HIAL), Loganair has reluctantly taken the decision to suspend certain routes between HIAL airports.

The suspension affects Inverness-Stornoway and Inverness-Kirkwall-Sumburgh routes and will take effect from 17 March (when Inverness is closed due to strike action) until 30 April.

We completely understand that this will be unwelcome news. Still, we have concluded that it is not realistic to continue our efforts to provide services between HIAL airports when the “work to rule” is intended to disrupt and counter those efforts.

Given the heightened probability of delays and cancellations on such routes with little or no notice, the only practicable course of action is to stand down these services until the dispute can be resolved by discussion between the parties.

Loganair will continue to operate services from HIAL airports to other airports unaffected by the industrial action. We are able to offer either rebooking on any alternative Loganair route to and from your destination or a full refund of the fare paid for your journey.

If your flight is affected, you will receive an email from Loganair advising you of your options.