Action on Menopause in the Workplace

As part of our Flying's for All Programme, we're committed to ensuring equality and fairness for women in the workplace.

Often overlooked or understated in the past, we recognise that menopause is an important transitional stage in a person's life.   Our policy is to make sure both our employees and our managers are equipped with the necessary tools and understanding to navigate this transition comfortably and confidently.

Raising Awareness

  • Educational Workshops and Resources: We will shortly be launching a new training module to support our policy which we will encourage all employees to complete - and this will be mandatory for our managers. 


  • Menopause Champions: For those experiencing symptoms, it can be a difficult and stressful time.  Our new policy outlines our commitment to supporting employees through this transitional stage. To turn this into a reality, we’ll be implementing Menopause Champions, who will work alongside our HR team to develop and implement an employee and manager guide.  

Providing Support

  • Health and Wellness Support: Our Employee Assistance Programme and PAM Assist Wellness App is available for employees who may need additional emotional support during this period. We’ll be working with our Menopause Champions to offer specialised programs tailored to menopausal health.


  • Open Dialogue and Supportive Culture: We encourage open conversations about menopause. Our managers and HR team will be equipped to handle discussions sensitively and confidentially, and we aim to foster a culture where employees feel comfortable discussing their needs and concerns.