Your Journey, Ritchie's Joy.

Ritchie, hospitality is his mantra...

That warm island spirit is in Ritchie's DNA. Living most of his life on the Isle of Man, he first graced the world with his appearance on another island famed for its hospitality - the Cayman Islands.

That hospitable nature has travelled with him from island to island, and he's delivered it on superyacht charters to Loganair charters.

Ritchie's Journey to The Skies...

For Ritchie, it all started with Manx Airlines, an airline that, in essence, was a sibling of Loganair - both historically owned by "Airlines of Britain". 

His colleagues say he has an adept ability to adjust his style with every one of our customers. It's a versatility he says is explained by the fact he's previously worked as a plumber for 15 years and serving the rich and famous on superyachts in Saint-Tropez!

His naturally hospitable nature and personal approach to every customer bring them joy, and it's our joy to have him in our team.


When Off Duty...

With three children at home, Ritchie always has his hands full and manages to take it all in his stride. Just like at work, he can adapt to any situation - with an added joke to lighten up the day, as standard.

On the ground, Ritchie spent 22 years playing rugby across his travels. He claims he's 'too old' now for the game, but still enjoys putting his feet up and watching the matches on the TV.

The Joy of The Job Itself...

For Ritchie, it's making connections with his colleagues and his customers. Whether Ritchie is meeting new people or frequent flyers on the journey home, his versatile service style ensures he meets the needs of every individual.

Going above and beyond, as a family man, he knows the challenges of flying with children, so much so that Ritchie keeps episodes of popular children's TV shows on his mobile for emergencies!


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