Independent Cinemas in the UK


If you’re passionate about films and would like a change from your typical chain cinemas, an independent cinema might be a good shout! Whether you’re watching Thor or Elvis (or both), why not head to these iconic independent cinemas instead of your regular ones? You’ll get a cinema experience like no other!

Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle

Opened in 1937 and situated right in the heart of Newcastle City Centre, the Tyneside is the only surviving news cinema still being used to show films in the UK today. It is also the only cinema in the UK to still show newsreels! Even though it was restored in 2008, it has kept its same old look and Eastern-influenced Art Deco styling. The Tyneside Cinema is still known as the artistic showpiece of the city and the region’s leading independent cinema. This cinema showcases both films, as well as social projects, and during different times of the year, they do themed nights, such as their Halloween All-Nighter and their Christmas programme.

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The Electric, Birmingham

Initially opened in 1909, The Electric is possibly the oldest working cinema in the UK. From silent movies with a piano backing and rolling newsreels to now showing mainstream, indie and world cinema, as well as still streaming old classics, The Electric has lived through the history of film-making. The cinema might have had a couple of name changes throughout the years, but in 1993 it reverted to its original Electric name. The cinema offers an old-school cinema experience through a relaxed environment, with comfortable sofas and armchairs, as well as waiter service, meaning you can order nibbles and drinks from your chair!

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Grosvenor Picture Theatre, Glasgow

Glasgow’s oldest cinema has recently been refurbished for its 100th anniversary! The Grosvenor first opened in May 1922 and has been through many incarnations throughout the years. Tucked in Ashton Lane, one of the best areas for drinks and dining out in Glasgow, the Grosvenor has an incredible location. In 2001 it was refurbished and made into a boutique cinema, meaning you can now enjoy a luxury take on a big screen experience with claret leather armchair seats between individual tables and classic empire lamps. Or if you prefer to go all out, you can opt for a sofa which comes with a larger table and an elevated view. While watching the film, the usherettes also visit the screen with a selection of sweet treats and ice creams!

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Chapter, Cardiff

With over 800,000 visitors each year, Chapter is one of the most popular attractions in Cardiff. Chapter is a multi-purpose arts centre which promotes international art, live performances and films whilst also being a social space and a cultural and creative community hub. The space opened in 1971 as a converted school and has since then been refurbished and even had further expansion. With 2 cinema screens, Chapter shows a mixture of latest releases along with classics. Whilst blockbusters are shown at Chapter, it is more well-known for its niche, arthouse and independent films, small scale film festivals and cinematic events. So if you’re looking for a whole different cinema experience, Chapter is a good place to start.

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