The Island Visitor Pledge

Help us Protect our Island Communities

Loganair proudly serves more island communities in the UK than any other airline.

Each of these small but unique destinations has a delicate ecosystem, flora and fauna. Therefore, extra-special care must be taken to ensure we minimise our impact and protect our beautiful islands for generations to come, not to mention whilst also protecting yourself and others when you're exploring too.

That's why we've consulted with the experts, and who could be better than those who live there? Together we've created our Island Visitor Pledge - A few do's and don'ts that will help ensure we meet that aim. 

We really do love our islands - please show them the tender loving care they deserve and sign our pledge before you go.

When visiting the islands I will:

  1. Follow the roads to discovery but won't venture anywhere I shouldn't
  2. Close the gate behind me
  3. Take my litter with me, avoid the use of plastic bottles and take a reusable flask instead
  4. Wherever possible, sample the local food, drink and crafts
  5. Treat heritage and archaeological sites with particular respect
  6. Enjoy the wildlife, flora and fauna but don't disturb nesting birds or damage plantlife
  7. Stick to the footpaths as far as possible and try to use public transport 
  8. Take amazing photos but be careful with selfies around coastlines
  9. Use a stove if I need a fire
  10. Never venture too far out into the sea or lochs, and stay informed of sea conditions and tides


Our GreenSkies sustainable flying programme is our commitment to becoming fully carbon neutral by 2040.

The programme includes a mandatory carbon offsetting charge levied on all flights that immediately offsets all Loganair carbon emissions. Contributions invested go to accredited offsetting schemes certified to the highest international standards in our net-zero plan and to help tackle the negative impact of climate change on our rural Island communities.

Furthermore, with our GreenSkies Community Fund, communities across Scotland can apply for Loganair to help small and medium-sized enterprises implement projects that are helping to reduce their impact on the environment. Early successes include the installation of electric car charging points for the charity, CHAS.

As an airline, we are involved in some incredibly exciting and innovative initiatives to decarbonise aviation and we hope our GreenSkies Community Fund will encourage the same pioneering spirit in communities across Scotland.

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