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Orkney Inter-Island Flights

Loganair operates the Orkney Interisland service, which includes flights from Kirkwall to the North Isles. The service includes the worlds shortest flight between Westray and Papa Westray, with the flight being one and a half minutes long! If you don’t believe us the full flight was recorded in the video below. Each of the island has its own unique personality but all perfect for bird watching, walking, beaches, lighthouses and historical artifacts. With services running daily, its easy to hop around the islands and explore everything Orkney has to offer. For fare and timetable information please see the bottom of this page.

Queries for Inter-Isle flights
Tel: +44 (0) 1856 872494 or 873457
(Mon-Fri 07:00-19:00, Sat 08:00-18:00, Sun 10:00-19:00)
Email: [email protected]

For Orkney flight and fare information see below:

Orkney Fares

Inter-island Summer Timetable

Inter-island Winter Timetable

Inter Isles Destinations: What to see


• Carrick House, which is the place where John Gow (an Orkney pirate) was born and then fled, to live an ordinarylife until he was captured and hanged. He was the last British pirate to be sentenced to death.
• Eday is home to the Red House Croft Restoration Project,where you can see an intact dwelling and a mill, all runby a waterwheel built in the 19th century.


• See one of Orkney’s finest natural sea arch at the Vat of Kirbister, a dramatic ‘gloup’ created by the collapse a sea cave roof.
• Look out for the rare Pelican Foot shell and Spoots, or razor fish, on the beachcomber’s paradise of St Catherine’s Bay.


• Home to The Castle O’ Burrian Sea Stack, once used as a hermitage and now home to a colony of Puffins between April and late July.
• Noltland Castle, which is an incomplete fortress built in the 16th century by Gilbert Balfour, Mary Queen of Scots’ Sheriff of Orkney

Papa Westray

• Papa Westray is home to St Boniface Kirk, a 12th century recently restored church with a Viking hogback grave in the kirkyard
• Home to the Knap of Howar a structure dating back to 3,500BC which is the oldest preserved stone house in northern Europe.
• Westray to Papa Westray is the Worlds shortest scheduled flight, with Loganair of course!


• Home to Start Point Lighthouse – the first Scottish lighthouse to have a revolving light
• Sanday is home to the devil claw marks, it has been said that the devil tried to enter the church once however was shut out. Therefore, he clawed at the stonework to try and get in.

North Ronaldsay

• It is home to the Old Beacon, which was built in the 1780s to warn ships of the infamous rocks of Reef Dyke
• home to a flock of sheep who live on the beach and live off seaweed. They are confined to the beach by a stone wall