On-Board your Loganair Flight

You will be served by our experienced  and friendly crew in our new and distinctive tartan uniforms

You will receive an inclusive on-board service on the majority of our flights (including Tunnocks biscuits!)

Our fleet feature Harris Tweed head-rests and our Saab 340 cabins have recently been refurbished.


The majority of our flights offer complimentary catering, including soft drinks, tea and coffee and nibbles.

We trust that you understand that on very short flights, a full service cannot always be on offered. Unfortunately we cannot accept special meal requests.


Loganair has a no smoking policy on all its flights.

Portable electronic equipment

  • Handheld devices, such as tablets, e-readers and mobile phones may be used during all phases of the flight provided the ‘flight safe’ mode is enabled before departure.
  • Devices that transmit/receive communications that do not have a ‘flight safe’ mode, must be switched off from doors closed to doors open. Laptops, Ultra-books and Notebooks may be used during boarding but not for taxi, take-off and landing. They may be used in-flight, provided any built-in connectivity such as Wi-Fi is switched off or set to ‘flight safe’ mode. They must be stowed away safely during taxi, take-off and landing. Devices without connectivity such as DVD players, electronic games, and music players must be switched off and stowed away safely during taxi, take-off and landing. All Bluetooth accessories (for example wireless keyboard, headphones, etc.) must be switched off from doors closed to doors open.


Pre Assigned seating is available on Loganair services.
Seats reserved will incur charges of £6.00 per flight sector.

Passengers travelling on a Fly Flex or Fly Flex + fare may pre-assign their seats at no additional charge.

Passengers travelling with infants will be moved if necessary to alternative seats for safety reasons.

Special passengers are catered for at the airport but if you desire to sit with the party that you have booked with then you may pre-assign your seat. However if you are not deemed suitable by the airport staff you may be requested to move and no refund will be given.

Passengers cannot pre-assign seats within 24 hours of travel.