Simple Steps to Healthy Flying

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The welfare of our customers and crew is our priority, that's why we ask you to follow some small simple steps to prevent Covid-19 joining us on our journey together. 

The measures put in place are aligned with EASA and DFT guidelines and considered to be those which are most practical to follow when travelling with us, whilst also ensuring maximum protection for our customers. It's important you familiarise yourself with these measures before travelling - you may be denied boarding in accordance with our terms and conditions of carriage if you do not follow them.

Before your flight, you must regularly check our advice and that of the airports you'll visit on your journey. 


What We're Doing & How You Can Stay Safe

  • Hand-washing

    We recommend you wash your hands before entering the airport and use hand sanitiser after touching surfaces. On-board - we will provide hand sanitiser and wipes as you board your flight in the event you do not have your own. As soon as you are seated, we ask you to use the sanitiser before fastening your seat belt.

  • Check-in

    We’ve been working with our airport partners to ensure that our check-in desks have extra shielding in place to increase social distancing and protect you and our staff. It is also simple to check-in online or via our app too, up to 3 hours before departure. If you don't have a hold-bag to check-in, this means you can avoid check-in at the airport and proceed straight to departures.

  • Self-Scan Gates

    We've worked with our airport partners to ensure self-scan gates are widely compatible with our print at home boarding passes and those downloaded via our app. You will find these on your way to security and also when you board the aircraft, reducing the need for contact with airport staff.

  • Cabin Atmosphere

    The cabin air on Loganair’s pressurised aircraft is replenished at least once every five minutes. Air quality on-board is assured by this continuous flow of fresh air, and all recirculated cabin air passes through high-efficiency filters onboard. We recommend that customers keep their personal overhead ventilation on and pointed down to further direct the flow up and away from them. International air transport studies have shown that the risk of infection is low onboard.

  • Enhanced Aircraft Cleaning

    At Loganair we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our aircraft, we have always firmly believed that you should rightly expect to travel in a clean and tidy environment. However, we've intensified our nightly disinfectant deep-cleans for our aircraft and put in place new procedures to cover all touch-points. We've temporarily removed our Harris Tweed head-rests, along with our in-flight service and in-flight magazine.

  • Zonal Embarkation

    As a regional airline, Loganair's aircraft are smaller than many that fly further afield, therefore queues at boarding areas are uncommon. However, to reduce the risk of unnecessary close social-contact, we're working with our ground teams to ensure our aircraft are boarded by row. When your zone is called you may present for boarding, otherwise, we ask you to remain seated and not proceed to board at the gate.

  • Face Coverings

    You must wear a face-covering onboard our aircraft, this is a condition of carriage and you can be refused travel if you do not comply. This is in accordance with UK and Scottish Government advice that face-coverings should be worn on public transport and aircraft. Loganair will provide face-coverings if you do not have one. You should wear a face-covering properly to be effective - see GOV UK guidance. This applies to all excluding those aged 5 and under, and those exempt by GOV UK

  • Airport Social-Distancing

    It may not be possible at all parts of your journey through the airport but we would advise customers to sit apart if you can and avoid unnecessary close social contact. For the reason it may not always be possible, we suggest masks are worn before entering the airport. We strongly advise you check with your airport for any specific advice or requirements they may have and in particular, whether they require you to bring a mask.


Face Covering Exemptions

Some individuals do not have to wear a face-covering if they have certain medical conditions. Full details of what conditions classify a person as exempt can be found via the GOV UK website

In addition to notes from GPs, Loganair also accepts customers without face-coverings who wear sunflower lanyards or who have cards from the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme. It is recommended customers who require them are in possession of their own and these are available to purchase online here

If you do not possess a sunflower lanyard or official documentation to prove an exemption, you will not be allowed to travel without wearing a face-covering.

Find Out More On Exemptions

How Do We Clean Our Aircraft?

Watch our interview with Flight Operations Director, Neil Hughes, whose team is responsible for Loganair's cleaning programme and your well-being onboard.

Declare you're fit to travel

It is compulsory to certify at check-in, either online or at the airport, that you or members of your household have not recently displayed symptoms of Covid-19 prior to travelling with us. By checking-in online, you are certifying you do not have any symptoms.

Do Not Travel If You Have Any of These Symptoms




- A new, continuous cough

- A fever

- A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste