Equal Opportunities for Women

Time for change

At Loganair, we don't believe anyone's gender should define their role within the workplace and that everyone should have equal opportunities to be who they want to be. We know that as an industry, aviation still needs to do more to tackle the perception that certain roles are only for those identifying as men. As the UK's largest regional airline, our team feel it is our duty to play our part in tackling this legacy issue. 


Tackling Perceptions From a Young Age

We're working hard to have more people who identify as women in our flight decks, engineering teams and leadership roles.

  • Only 6% of UK Pilot Licence holders are female according to the CAA and at Loganair over 13% of our pilots identify as female (at 19th May 2022).  This is the highest female/male ratio of any UK airline - therefore whilst there is reason to be optimistic that progress is being made at Loganair - we know there is still much more to do.

What we're doing:

  • Flying's for All Seminars - We believe that a big part of improving female representation is to challenge bias and stereotypes from an early age - that's why our team regularly hold seminars in schools and colleges to be role models for all young people and showcase that everyone can have access to the same opportunities, and be who they want to be. These include talks from women in leadership roles, pilots and engineers.

What else we're doing?

  • Women's basic salaries and variable pay is rightly 100% of their male equivalents

  • We publish our gender pay gap report annually and to understand the changing male/female ratio around our business and where needs our particular focus