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Travel Advice: 21-23 July

We have been advised by Highlands & Islands Airports Ltd, the publicly-owned operator of 11 airports in Scotland, that its Air Traffic Control officers will be engaged in strike action between 21 and 23 July, with full day stoppages at six HIAL airports impacting different airports on different days in that time frame.

As a result, Loganair is making changes to its flying programme to include cancellation of all services scheduled at each airport on the affected dates – 21 July at Inverness, 22 July at Sumburgh and Kirkwall and 23 July at Stornoway, Benbecula and Dundee.   We are also adding some extra services ahead of and after the strike dates to help customers unable to travel on their intended dates to re-arrange their travel plans.

The changes – with a total of 74 flight cancellations over three days – will inevitably impact on our customers.   We sincerely regret that this is the case, yet the disruption is an inevitable consequence of the ongoing industrial action by the Air Traffic Control officers.

If you are booked on an affected flight, you will be able to change your booking without charge to travel on any alternative Loganair flight with seat availability within seven days of the cancellation.  You can also adjust your outward or return journey at no charge to help to rearrange your entire travel itinerary – moving your whole trip earlier or later – should you wish.   You can rebook online via via the “Manage my Booking” capability.   If you prefer, please identify the alternative flights on which you wish to travel via and call our Customer Contact Centre on 0344 800 2855 to action the changes to your booking.    If you elect not to travel, you are also entitled to a full refund of your Loganair flights if you prefer.

On behalf of Loganair, we can only apologise for the disruption to our customers’ travel plans.   Having now taken steps to cancel flights and assist customers to re-arrange their travel plans, flights will not be reinstated or reverted to their original schedules even if the industrial action is subsequently called off ahead of the planned dates.


Impacted flights :

Sunday 21 July 2019

LM 038  Aberdeen-Kirkwall                        Flight retimed, will depart Aberdeen 18:20, arrives Kirkwall 19:05

LM 138  Sumburgh-Kirkwall-Inverness      Flight cancelled

LM 139  Inverness-Kirkwall-Sumburgh      Flight cancelled

LM 157 Inverness-Stornoway                      Flight cancelled

LM 158  Stornoway-Inverness                     Flight cancelled

LM 347  Edinburgh-Stornoway                   Flight retimed, will depart Edinburgh 14:40, arrives Stornoway 15:45

LM 348  Stornoway-Edinburgh                   Flight retimed, will depart Stornoway 16:15, arrives Edinburgh 17:20

LM 355  Edinburgh-Sumburgh                    Flight retimed, will depart Edinburgh 15:00, arrives Sumburgh 16:30

LM 357  Edinburgh-Sumburgh                   Flight retimed, will depart Edinburgh 17:45, arrives Sumburgh 19:15

LM 358  Sumburgh-Edinburgh                   Flight retimed, will depart Sumburgh 12:00, arrives Edinburgh 13:30

LM 397  Edinburgh-Kirkwall                        Flight retimed, will depart Edinburgh 14:05, arrives Kirkwall 15:20

LM 398  Kirkwall-Edinburgh                        Flight retimed, will depart Kirkwall 15:50, arrives Edinburgh 17:05

LM 399  Edinburgh-Kirkwall                        Flight retimed, will depart Edinburgh 17:50, arrives Kirkwall 19:05

LM 591 Inverness-Manchester                   Flight cancelled

LM 592  Manchester-Inverness-Bergen     Flight cancelled

LM 595  Bergen-Inverness-Manchester     Flight cancelled

LM 598  Manchester-Inverness                  Flight cancelled

Monday 22 July 2019

LM 031  Kirkwall-Aberdeen                        Flight cancelled

LM 032  Aberdeen-Kirkwall                        Flight cancelled

LM033   Kirkwall-Aberdeen                        Flight cancelled

LM 036  Aberdeen-Kirkwall                        Flight cancelled

LM 037  Kirkwall-Aberdeen                        Flight cancelled

LM 038  Aberdeen-Kirkwall                        Flight cancelled

LM 067  Kirkwall-Fair isle                            Flight cancelled

LM 068  Fair Isle-Kirkwall                            Flight cancelled

LM 070  Aberdeen-Sumburgh                    Flight cancelled

LM 071  Sumburgh-Aberdeen                    Flight cancelled

LM 072  Aberdeen-Sumburgh                    Flight cancelled

LM 073  Sumburgh-Aberdeen                    Flight cancelled

LM 074  Aberdeen-Sumburgh                    Flight cancelled

LM 075  Sumburgh-Aberdeen                    Flight cancelled

LM 078  Aberdeen-Sumburgh                    Flight cancelled

LM 079  Sumburgh-Aberdeen                    Flight cancelled

LM 080  Aberdeen-Sumburgh                    Flight cancelled

LM 081  Sumburgh-Aberdeen                    Flight cancelled

LM 130  Sumburgh-Kirkwall-Inverness     Flight cancelled

LM 131  Inverness-Kirkwall-Sumburgh     Flight cancelled

LM 138  Sumburgh-Kirkwall-Inverness     Flight cancelled

LM 139  Inverness-Kirkwall-Sumburgh     Flight cancelled

LM 350  Sumburgh-Edinburgh                   Flight cancelled

LM 351  Edinburgh-Sumburgh                   Flight cancelled

LM 352  Sumburgh-Edinburgh                   Flight cancelled

LM 355 Edinburgh-Sumburgh                    Flight cancelled

LM 357  Edinburgh-Sumburgh                   Flight cancelled

LM 358  Sumburgh-Edinburgh                   Flight cancelled

LM 390  Kirkwall-Edinburgh                       Flight cancelled

LM 391  Edinburgh-Kirkwall                       Flight cancelled

LM 392  Kirkwall-Edinburgh                       Flight cancelled

LM 397  Edinburgh-Kirkwall                       Flight cancelled

LM 398  Kirkwall-Edinburgh                       Flight cancelled

LM 399  Edinburgh-Kirkwall                       Flight cancelled

LM 432  Glasgow-Kirkwall                          Flight cancelled

LM 433  Kirkwall-Glasgow                          Flight cancelled

LM 436  Sumburgh-Glasgow                      Flight cancelled

LM 437  Glasgow-Sumburgh                      Flight cancelled


Tuesday 23 July

LM 031  Kirkwall-Aberdeen                           Flight cancelled

LM 071  Sumburgh-Aberdeen                      Flight cancelled

LM 072  Aberdeen-Sumburgh                      Flight cancelled

LM 102  Benbecula-Stornoway                    Flight cancelled

LM 103  Stornoway-Benbecula                    Flight cancelled

LM 152  Stornoway-Inverness                      Flight cancelled

LM 151  Inverness-Stornoway                      Flight cancelled

LM 154  Stornoway-Inverness                      Flight cancelled

LM 155  Inverness-Stornoway-Benbecula   Flight cancelled

LM 156  Benbecula-Stornoway-Inverness   Flight cancelled

LM 157  Inverness-Stornoway                      Flight cancelled

LM 242  Glasgow-Stornoway                        Flight cancelled

LM 245  Stornoway-Glasgow only               Flight cancelled

LM 341  Edinburgh-Stornoway                     Flight cancelled

LM 342  Stornoway-Edinburgh                     Flight cancelled

LM352   Sumburgh-Edinburgh                      Flight cancelled

LM 390  Kirkwall-Edinburgh                          Flight cancelled

LM 407  Glasgow-Benbecula                        Flight cancelled

LM 408  Benbecula-Glasgow                        Flight cancelled

LM 409  Glasgow-Benbecula                        Flight cancelled

LM 410  Benbecula-Glasgow                        Flight cancelled

LM 470  Glasgow-Stornoway                        Flight cancelled

LM 471  Stornoway-Glasgow                        Flight cancelled

LM 476  Glasgow-Stornoway                        Flight cancelled

LM 477  Stornoway-Glasgow                        Flight cancelled

LM 478 Glasgow-Stornoway                         Flight cancelled

LM 479  Stornoway-Glasgow                        Flight cancelled

LM 621  Dundee-London Stansted              Flight cancelled

LM 622  London Stansted-Dundee              Flight cancelled

LM 625  Dundee-London Stansted              Flight cancelled

LM 626  London Stansted-Dundee              Flight cancelled


Tuesday 24 July

LM152 Stornoway-Inverness                       Flight cancelled