Low Fare Finder

Loganair offers a range of fares on their routings, and pricing varies by travel month, the day of week, and the timing of your flight. To help you search for the lowest fares, the Low Fare Finder below lets you browse by routing to plan your trip in advance and take advantage of Loganair’s low fares. Other fares are available should a price not be displayed, in which case visit flybe.com or flybe.com/ads for more information.

Fares displayed are one way per adult passenger and include taxes and charges. All fares in the Low Fare Finder are updated each morning and can change at any time.

Please note: This is only available for passengers Flying prior to the 1st September.

Remember, other fares exist. Visit flybe.com or flybe.com/ads for fares for a specific itinerary.

Fares are one way and applicable on Flybe flights operated by Loganair Ltd.
Fares shown are subject to availability, include taxes and charges and are only available online. Payment card transaction fees may apply depending on the payment option chosen.

Other fares i.e. Senior Citizen, Student, Hospital Visitor fares, exist on select routes, but these can only be booked via the call centre on Tel 0344 800 2855.

Fares for flights to London and beyond with British Airways should be booked at ba.com or ba.com/ads.