A Range of Fares to Suit you

See what is included in your ticket selection – Fly, Fly Flex or Fly Flex+

Included in ticket options: Fly Fly Flex Fly Flex+

Inclusive hold luggage allowance – unlimited pieces up to 15 or 20kg (depending on route - refer to detail below)*

Inclusive hold luggage (unlimited pieces) – click for weight detail

6kg hand luggage allowance (40cmx35cmx18cm)*

6kg hand luggage allowance (40cmx35cmx18cm - 1 piece)

Assigned seating at check-in

Assigned seating at check-in

Complimentary food + drink on board

Complimentary food + drink on board (flights>45 minutes)

Advance seat selection

Advance seat selection

On the day flexibility

Change flights on the day of travel (subject to availability**)

Changeable ticket (fare difference may apply)

Flexibity (no change fees - fare difference may apply)

Fully Changeable ticket (fare difference included)

Full flexibility (fare difference included)

Additional 10kg luggage allowance + laptop*

Additional 10kg luggage allowance + laptop*

Executive Lounge Access **

Executive Lounge Access ***

Fast Track Security **

Fast Track Security ***

Fly tickets are changeable, however a change fee will apply in addition to any fare difference.

Please note that seat assignment, booked in advance or requested at check-in, is subject to availability, weight and balance of the aircraft. If you have paid for seat assignment and are required to move for operational reasons on the day of travel, you may reclaim the cost of your seat assignment.

*Restrictions on additional hand luggage item (laptop) apply at certain airports

**Flexibility on the day of travel for Fly Flex customers is to earlier flights than original departure only without change fee’s or a fare difference, subject to seat availability. Fly Flex + offers full on the day flexibility.

***Not available at all airports