Filming requests

If you require to film on our network, either with one of our crew or on-board our aircraft, please complete the request form below.

Please note: Loganair requires a minimum of 14 days to process a filming request.

If applicable
Flight numbers, dates of travel and booking reference, if applicable.

I declare I will only film in accordance with permission given in relation to this request. I will follow instructions from the crew on the day of travel, even if that instruction is to stop filming, for any reason. I declare I have adequate travel insurance for my filming equipment and understand that Loganair's liability is limited with regards to high value items. If I require to film within an airport, I will send a separate request for permission to the relevant airport authority. I agree not to film any customers on board the aircraft, or crew, without expressed consent. I understand Loganair has the right to view the film, prior to distribution, if required.