Fly to Aberdeen

City of Granite - Land of Treasures

Set on a coastline described by National Geographic magazine as, ‘one of the world’s top-rated’, Aberdeen is a gem of a city, with its granite architecture, its surrounding area a treasure trove of beauty spots, 55 golf courses, eight distilleries, historic sites, cultural attractions and glorious beaches (stroll a mile-long golden strand just 10 minutes from the city centre).

As you might expect of a city that is Scotland's third largest ...

... and the oil capital of Europe – there are great restaurants, bars and cafés aplenty, alongside festivals and events to suit all tastes. Explore beyond the city limits and you take in more of that breath-taking cliff-strewn coast, uncover picturesque fishing villages, go back in time to ancient castles and enjoy the spectacle of Highland Games in places like Royal Braemar.

And where else can you see magical dolphins off the shore of a major city?

The stunning Cairngorms National Park isn’t too far inland, with its towering mountains, gleaming lochs and enough sporting pursuits to satisfy the most energetic. Also nearby is majestic countryside with a long Royal heritage, from Queen Victoria to this day. Crown your trip - discover lands full of history. Fly to Aberdeen with Loganair.

3 Reasons to fly to Aberdeen

  • 165 miles of glorious coastline

  • Royal Estates

  • City attractions... and dolphins


Dolphin watching

Dolphin watching:  Aberdeen Harbour mouth is one of the best places in Europe to spot bottlenose dolphins and Scotland is home to the largest in the world. You may also see other marine mammals like seals or even whales. Aberdeen Harbour Tours will take you out to meet the beautiful creatures on weekends and public holidays.

Nuart international public art festival

Nuart is an international public art festival created to present the most interesting and relevant Street Art. It showcases the emergent local scene and brings art and artists out of studios, basements and institutions on to the city streets. It also encourages creative links and exchanges between local businesses, arts organizations, property owners, community centres, education institutions and the public.

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