Fly to Jersey

Island escapes, fun adventures, total relaxation

On Jersey you are never more than ten minutes from the sea, yet you could be a million miles away from anywhere, such is the relaxing effect of this enthralling, characterful island.

Jersey’s a smallish place, only nine miles by five, but you can readily lose yourself in the abundance of fun there is to be had, such as surfing, sea safaris, treetop adventures, walking, cycling, kayaking and the new sport of coasteering – exploring rugged sections of coast by rock climbing, scrambling, swimming and supervised cliff jumping. Or simply chill by taking a leisurely stroll into the 12th century on the battlements of a castle, delve into the Zoo and the Botanical Gardens, wander along a beach or two, or kick back entirely and let the sunset on St Ouen’s Bay do its spellbinding thing.

Food and drink provide further delight

Choose from beach cafes, stylish restaurants and bars in the growing capital St Helier, farm stalls, The seafood, as you might imagine, is exceptional, be it oysters, lobsters, crabs and shellfish fresh from local waters, or the famous Jersey Royal potatoes, or cheese made with Jersey cow’s milk. Or release your inner child with scoops of sumptuous Jersey ice cream. Tamba Park’s dinosaur-themed adventure park will also please youngsters, while La Mare Wine Estate might be more to grown-up tastes.

The place names are French, but Jersey is part of the British Isles and was occupied during WW2; explore the old gun emplacements and the German military hospital at St Lawrence. Also visit the historic Martello Towers built during the Napoleonic Wars, reminders of an earlier threat.

3 delightful reasons to take flights to Jersey

  • Family friendly

  • Beautiful coastal scenery

  • History


The Jersey War Tunnels

The Jersey War Tunnels complex, in a former hospital excavated by slave labour, documents the island’s five-year German occupation during WWII.

The Jersey Battle of Flowers

The Jersey Battle of Flowers is an annual carnival held the second Thursday of August. The festival consists of music, funfairs, dancers, majorettes and a parade of flower floats alongside various street entertainers. The 'Battle' itself originally consisted of dismantling the floats to provide floral ammunition for a literal battle of flowers between participants and spectators, but this has long been abandoned and replaced by a Moonlight Parade with the floats festooned in lights.


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