Fly to Isle of Man

Legendary thrills, real tranquillity, a true escape

The flag of the Isle of Man features three armoured legs. But that’s far from the only extraordinary thing about this beautiful, welcoming, entertaining place. Set in the Irish Sea, cradled between England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, the Isle of Man possesses attractions galore, from sensational motorsports – the Motor Museum and the TT motorbike races alone are breath-taking crowd-pleasers – to glorious coastal scenery, historic castles and 26 stellar Dark-Parks.


You’ll never be far from bewitching folk legends...

... (ancient Peel Castle has its very own ghostly black dog), and diversions large and small. See Laxey Wheel, the world’s biggest working waterwheel at 72 feet high; take the electric tram to the summit of Snaefell, the island’s highest mountain at 2,037 feet, from where you can see seven kingdoms (can you name them?*); visit picturesque Dhoon Glen where the waterfall plummets 120 feet.

Explore 100 miles of coastline with beaches and cliffscapes, venture out on boat trips to find seals and whales, and meander inland over wide open spaces. Try local seafood, and April’s Beer & Cider Festival, or take in one of the summertime agricultural shows. There are plays, live music, movies, golf courses … all your cultural tastes will be satisfied, and more. Loganair offers flights from Edinburgh to Isle of Man, to magical places, to beautiful scenery and memorable things to do.

3 exhilarating reasons to fly to Isle of Man

  • World-class motorsport

  • Scenery

  • Lots to see and do for all


The Laxey Wheel 

The Laxey Wheel (also known as Lady Isabella) is built into the hillside above the village of Laxey in the Isle of Man. It is the largest working waterwheel in the world with a 72-foot-6-inch (22.1 m) diameter, is 6 feet (1.8 m) wide and revolves at approximately three revolutions per minute.

The Isle of Man TT

The Isle of Man TT - The circuit used for this festival of motor cycling derring-do, which runs from late May to early June, is in the north of the island and begins and ends in Douglas, taking in Crosby; St. John's; Kirk Michael; Ramsey; and the highest point on the island, Snaefell (2,036 feet), along the way for a total distance of 37 miles.