Fly to Tromso

Northern Lights and a Wandering Owl

So 350km inside the Arctic Circle, you might think you’d be in a remake of Frozen, but you’d be wrong. Tromsø, the largest city in Northern Norway with a population of 71,000, has a mild climate because of the Gulf Stream and is a major cultural hub.

The streets in downtown Tromsø are full of restaurants and bars that combine local produce with international flavours, and the world’s northernmost brewery

Try local delicacies from the sea,

... with North Norwegian delicacy stockfish mandatory. Tasty produce from the surrounding forests and mountains include reindeer, moose, kid and lamb. Strawberries are extra sweet and considered by many as the world’s best.

On sunny days and evenings, life at the outdoor seating areas in downtown restaurants are full of life. Buy fresh Lyngen shrimps and enjoy them at the beach in Telegrafbukta.

In summer tourists come to see the Midnight Sun and from September to March it’s the glorious, dancing Northern Lights.

Off the beaten track go on a wild nature photography expedition with Wandering Owl or a private Northern Lights expedition with Arctic Truck Greenlander. In the early 1900s Tromso was the starting point for expeditions to the Far North. Hence its nickname: “Gateway to the Arctic”

3 memorable reasons to fly to Tromso

  • The Midnight Sun

  • The Northern Lights

  • Wild nature expeditions


Explore the beauty ...

... of the Kvaenangen Fjord by Skjervoy and see orcas and humpback whales chasing shoals of herring. Rigid inflatable boats take parties of 12 within touching distance of the orcas.

The Northern Lights Festival

The Northern Lights Festival brings top artists in genres from early music to modern, opera to Jazz and chamber music to full symphony orchestras.

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