Fly to Stavanger

Serene highness, surprising discoveries

If you’re big on outdoor adventure, then Stavanger is the place for you. Set on Norway’s stunning North Sea coast, the city is surrounded by beautiful fjords, islets and mountains, and rich in things to do and see.

The hiking is world-class: head up Pulpit Rock, 604 metres above the Lysefjord’s waters, and you are on top of Norway’s most visited attraction … and the world’s most awe-inspiring viewing platform, according to Lonely Planet. Up on the 1,084 metres high mountain Kjerag, see Kjerag Bolt, a breath-takingly trapped boulder. Many boat tours add to your sight-seeing experience. Come winter, go ice-skating on frozen Stokkavannet, the biggest lake in Stavanger.


Does Norway do beaches?

Yes, it certainly does, and Stavanger is close to several super beaches, such as the mile and a half long Solastranden. Wind and water sports are popular here … as is simply enjoying the tranquillity.

Amid the natural splendour, Stavanger is also an important city for Europe’s energy industry. All of which inspires a cosmopolitan buzz, as well as outstanding eateries – Michelin Stars among them - and a booming cultural scene. Local street art is impressive and you can explore museums aplenty, covering themes as diverse as childhood, petroleum and fish canning (try the freshly oven-smoked brisling). Wander Ovre Holmegate’s colourful street of cafes, pubs and niche stores; stroll round the harbour; take in Old Stavanger’s award-winning listed and restored wooden buildings. Welcome to a city of delightful surprises.

3 stunning reasons to fly to Stavanger

  • Pulpit Rock viewing point

  • Spectacular scenery

  • Cosmopolitan vibe


Norwegian Canning Museum

Wow, a whole museum dedicated to the history of canning sardines. Back before the oil industry took over, that’s what Stavanger was all about. One review from a young American visitor sums it up … “I LOVED this museum. Yet, if you had told me that I would enjoy an afternoon learning about sardines in tin cans, I would not have believed it! Absolutely BRILLIANT!”


NUART is a street art festival organised annually in Stavanger. The art ranges from situationism, graffiti, post-graffiti, muralism, comic culture, stencil art and activism amongst many other things. It is without a doubt the most exciting development in visual art for decades. A "movement" that has caught the imagination of the general public, collectors, auction houses and curators the world over.