Fly to Molde

Football, jazz, roses and views

Affectionately known by locals at the Town of Roses, Molde is a beautiful little fjord city with an abundance of charm.

It is renowned for beautiful surroundings and wonderful scenery, best captured from the famous Varden viewpoint where on a good day it’s possible to spy an impressive 222 snow-capped mountain peaks.

Anyone walking around the city will notice ...

... a myriad of rose gardens blossoming during the summer months. From old restored wooden houses decorated with roses to picturesque town-hall roof, their fragrant aroma is never far away.

As with many Norwegian cities, it is surrounded by a network of nearby islands which can be accessed by a short boat trip. Hikers will want to visit Hjertoya, following an easy trail with incredible views around every corner, while those wishing to experience the Molde of old, can head for Veoya Island – which used to be the region’s most important trading post. The Romsdal Museum is a fantastic place to learn about this rich history after exploring the island’s blissful shores.

Football fans may also want to take a tour of the 11,249-capacity Aker Stadion to watch Molde FC play – one of Norway’s most successful football clubs. Once managed by former player and Manchester United hero Ole Gunnar Solskjær.


3 tantalising reasons to fly to Molde:

  • Experience unrivalled views – where else can you see 222 mountain peaks at once?

  • Tease your senses with the floral scents of the city’s rose gardens

  • Soak up the atmosphere at a Molde FC game in their 11,000-seater stadium


For an unusual way to take in the local sights...

... why not try a three-hour stand-up paddle boarding tour of the Molde Fjord.

Learn about the Viking lords who used to rule this peninsula, leaving behind hordes of stolen treasures, most of which has still to be discovered. Tours operate daily under the supervision of experienced guides who can share the region’s unique history while floating on the open water.

Running since 1961 ...

... Molde can boast being home to Europe’s second oldest jazz festival. Around 60.000 jazz aficionados flock to the city each July for the six-day festival, choosing from over 120 concerts performed by around 500 different musicians.

Founded over 60 years ago by the Storyville Jazz Club it is the highlight of the city’s bustling event calendar.

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