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A historic fishing port on Norway’s west coast, Haugesund is often referred to as the ‘birthplace of Norway’ with the town’s lively hub still centred around its harbour.

The region offers an amazing opportunity to explore Norway’s stunning countryside, with everything from mountains, fjords and waterfalls within easy reach. But Haugesund also has plenty of activities closer to town, with an impressive selection of museums, galleries, bars and restaurants to keep visitors entertained in between days exploring the beautiful surrounding region.

Explore Haugesund

Fans of Viking history can marvel in the area’s links to the ancient Norsemen, who held their Royal seat in Haugesund. Links to the past are everywhere but for the most authentic way to experience daily life in 9th century is found by visiting the Viking Farm on the nearby island of Bukkøy – home to a traditional Viking boathouse, farm and even a festival in June.

Meanwhile, around 90 minutes’ drive away is the magnificent Langfoss waterfall which drops 600 meters into the fjord below, where explorers can also go on a cruise and take in the area’s dramatic landscape

Those in search of the perfect Instagram picture  should travel 50 km east of Haguesund and follow the family friendly trek up to the Himakånå rock formation, sometimes called ‘Little Trolltunga’ – taking a selfie 357 metres about the Tysvær township.

Conveniently placed between Stavanger and Bergen, the sea and the mountains, Haugesund is perfect holiday destination.


Åkrasanden at Karmøy

Not a region generally ranked for the quality of its beaches, Åkrasanden at Karmøy bucks this trend. Voted the country’s most beautiful beach in 2014, the beauty of its white sands is only matched by the quality of the coastal hiking trail which follows the crystal blue water between Åkra and Ferkingstad.  Whether the day is spent lounging by the sea or strolling along the coast, this is a magical destination for complete relaxation.

The biggest Viking Festival

The annual event at Avaldsnes has become the biggest Viking Festival in the West Coast of Norway. The Viking Farm temporarily becomes home to more than 200 Vikings from all over Europe, living in a pop-up tented village. The festival takes place at The Viking Farm, a 15-minute walk from the Nordvegen History Centre and the St. Olav church.

Entertainment across four days includes storytelling, musical performances and mock Viking clashes in the venue’s theatre.  Guests can also take part in workshops and activities such as horseback riding and archery.

4 June 2020 - 7 June 2020


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