Fly to Floro

Fish, fjords and fertility carvings

Consider visiting Floro, one of Norway’s most charming towns and its most westerly. Experience Norwegian nature from a more active perspective, with sea fishing, kayaking and coastal hikes. To get a flavour of the rugged coastline around Florø, visit Kinn Island with its beautiful 12th century stone church and scramble to the top of the island's hill, Kinnaklova, for panoramic views. From Kinn you’ll also see Ytterøyane Lighthouse, at 31m, one of Norway’s tallest.

Many of Floro’s 11,000 inhabitants ...

... make their living from the fish farming industry - wild salmon, herring and mackerel – but ships have also been built there for centuries and, after the discovery of North Sea oil in the late 1960s it has been a base for the offshore industry. Kystmuseet (The Coastal Museum) tells the tale of Floro’s long romance with the sea.

If you like your food and drink with a local flavour, eat at Hjørnevikbua, with its attractive clapboard building. The salty downstairs pub and upstairs restaurant turn out great fish dishes, reindeer fillet and steaks – accompanied by beautiful views. For a quick fill-up, eat at Bistro To Kokker for Crispy cod, fried salmon, steaks, pork chops and fish skewers. Love real ale? Choose from 12 locally brewed beers at Vesle Kinn microbrewery and taproom.

3 great reasons to Fly to Floro with Loganair

  • Spectacular coast

  • Great local food and drink

  • Prehistoric carvings



Just 40 minutes’ drive away from Floro is Ausevika, one of Norway’s most extensive rock-carving sites, with figures dating back more than 3000 years. Marvel at ancient carvings of animals and people as well as fertility and agricultural motifs in what might have been a centre of a local cult.


Sildebordet sees the world's longest herring table set up in the town - 350 metres of tables are set up and visitors set side by side with the locals to enjoy live music and a variety of delicious herring dishes. Everyone can eat as much as they want for free, courtesy of local businesses.