Fly to Bodo

Where the true north begins

If you want to experience the real north of Norway, you begin in Bodo, the largest city in the country of Nordland, just inside the Arctic Circle.

If you go in summer, you’ll see the midnight sun above the horizon from the start of June until the middle of July. The best vantage point is from the easily accessible Rønvikfjellet ridge.

Just 33 km out from Bodø is the world’s strongest whirlpool Saltstraumen, around 10m across and 5m deep. No, not a place for skinny-dipping, but catch a boat hire round the edge of this phenomenon and view its magnificence.

Visit the Norwegian Aviation Museum ...

travel back in time at the old trading post at Kjerringøy with its 15 clapboard houses, or strap on the walking boots and hike to Keiservarden. This mountain plateau is Bodø’s most visited hiking destination and is renowned for the wonderful views of the city, sea and the Lofoten islands.

Stormen Concert Hall is a venue for classical masterpieces, pop and rock shows, theatre, dance and conferences. You might even catch Kråkesølv, an indie group hailing from Bodø. They sing using their own dialect, which sets them apart from most Norwegian bands who mainly sing in English. If club music is more your scene, Stormen houses legendary venue Sinus.

Fly to Bergen with Loganair and on to Bodo with interline partner Wideroe.

3 cool reasons to Fly to Bodo

  • The midnight sun

  • The world’s strongest whirlpool

  • Norwegian bands singing in Norwegian


The world’s strongest whirlpool

The Saltstraumen Maelstrom is one of Norway's most unusual natural occurrences, guaranteed to occur four times every 24 hours. At the 3km-long, 150m-wide Saltstraumen Strait, the tides cause one fjord to drain into another, creating the giant whirlpool at sea.

The city has a well-developed music community ...

which has produced and continues to discover new talents on local, national and international stages. In August, Bodø hosts two large music festivals, Parkenfestivalen and Nordland Musikkfestuke both attracting thousands of people.

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