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Oslo Flights
Norway’s Cosmopolitan Capital

The residents of Oslo or “Osloites” are bringing a new meaning to the word creative. In recent years they have transformed this city and reinvented its reputation. Nowadays the creativity can be seen manifested in architecture – such as that of the Oslo Opera House. Moreover it can also be seen in other forms – from unique craft breweries to Nordic bistros and vintage music shops.

Post-industrial areas are now filled with artists and designers who are busy putting Oslo on the world map. All of whom enjoy coffee by the bucket loads – in fact 7.2kg per year. From little artisan coffee shops to expresso bars – you can warm up in Oslo anytime of year without a search. To really understand the culture though, why not take a trip to the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History? Well worth a visit to understand the people behind this great city.

For those looking for a truly memorable day out, the Fram Polar Ship Museum is a must. Here you can learn of polar expeditions and what it takes to sail above the Arctic Circle. Awe at vessels that have faced the toughest of oceans and are here to tell their story. If more modern engineering is not your thing, then perhaps check out the Viking Ship Museum instead… where you can learn of very different tails indeed.

Credit to Visit Oslo

Oslo Events

Oslo World Music Festival – Well-known international artists from genres including hip-hop, jazz, samba and electronic are present at this fabulous festival in November.

Easter Festival – Some of the largest Easter celebrations in the world are in Norway, Oslo is no exception.

Oslo Philharmonic – At City Hall Square in August.

Mela Festival – An annual arts festival featuring music, food, arts and crafts and dance from around the world.

Tourist Information

Oslo Visitor Centre

Telephone: +47 815 30 555:
Monday–Friday: 09:00–16:00

Oslo Visitor Centre is located in Østbanehallen next to Oslo Central Station. Entrance from Jernbanetorget (the square with the tiger sculpture) or from inside the hall.