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Flights to Molde

Stroll up to a Molde Panorama and take in the sight of 222 mountain peaks, an essential on the list of any visitor to the lake town. Molde is also a great place to learn about Norway’s past, the Romsdal Museum is composed of multiple buildings that represent different eras in Norwegian history. In 1913 the Molde was named the “Town of Roses” due to the number of vivid rose flowers planted. Another must see in the area is Hjertoya island – a short boat ride from Molde, you’ll find spectacular views of the sea, sky and trees here.

Attractions in Molde

Veoya Island was once the most important trading post nestled between Alesund and Trondheim, you can take a brief boat trip there to enjoy a relaxing evening of relaxation on the tranquil shores.

Romsdal Mountain Roads
Less for the faint-hearted, a drive along the mountain trail is an awe-inspiring experience, with a multitude of fjords, waterfalls and rivers along the way, the views are absolutely mesmerizing.

Tusten Skiheiser

Norway is magnificent in winter, so why not take your ski equipment for just £20 return with Loganair, and hit the slopes near Molde? There are numerous activities available during the main season December-April. Just 10 minutes from Molde you can find the Alpine Ski Centre.


Molde Jazz Festival is the second oldest in Europe and the key jazz festival in Norway. A major event that attracts musicians and visitors from all over the world, with an attendance of 60,000 in this town of just over 20,000 people – it makes for an electrifying atmosphere.

Tourist Information

Tel. +47 70 23 88 00
Email: [email protected]

Molde: Torget 4, 6413 Molde