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Flights to Kristiansund

Not to be confused with Kristiansand, Kristiansund has a unique flavour all of its own. On the Norwegian Sea coast, the charming seaside town is built on four islands that is connected by bridges. Sheltered by the islands, Kristiansund also hosts Norway’s finest natural harbour; so a stroll along the picturesque waterfront is the perfect place to unwind and watch the world go by.

Kristiansund is also a great spot for sea fishing, with cod often weighing 6-8kg being caught by recreational fisherman off the Nordmore Coast. The inland lakes with crystal clear waters, also homes numerous trout and char, with spectacular views to take in, meaning that even if you don’t catch a thing, you’re still in for a memorable experience.

Or if you want a different pace, Kristiansund is a great start point for a Norwegian fly-drive holiday – with magnificent coastal roads.

If you’re a foodie, we highly recommend a trip to Sjostjerna Fish Restuarant – voted the number 1 restaurant in town by Trip Advisor. An authentic, small, family-run restaurant that serves delightful local delicacies, with the freshest and finest ingredients. Try out the ternderloin of klipfish if you can find it and peer round at the superb Norwegian Art whilst you wait.

Attractions in Kristiansund

Sunbaten Harbour Ferry could be described as the Norwegian version of the Manly ferry in Sydney – a public transport route that is also a number one tourist attraction. It undoubtedly provides the best possible view of the archipelago that surrounds Kristiansund Harbour. It is also amongst the world’s oldest public transport companies and a tradesmark of the town.

Grip Stave Church
Not like many other churches you have seen – Grip Stave is 1 of 28 remaining churches in Norway and was constructed in around 1470, making it one of Norway’s oldest. However it is the stories of this church that makes it differ from the rest: it has been a meeting point for many happy and side times. Legend has it the triptych is one of five altars donated to Norwegian churches by Princess Isabella of Austria. This was after being escorted by Erik Valkendorf, Archbishop of Norway, in severe weather whilst she was en route to her wedding in Copenhagen with the Danish king. It is well worth a visit to discover the stories behind the church for yourself, giving insight into life in the region.


Nordic Light International Festival of Photography came about from a wacky idea to create one of the world’s best photo festivals in a small north-western coastal town in Norway.

Now running for over 10 years, the gathering attracts internationally acclaimed photographers and emerging photographers – displaying inspirational work from around the globe.

Tourist Information

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