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Flights to Florø

Fly to Florø and experience the best of Western Norway’s landscape and coastal scenery. This town is the administrative centre of Flora Municipality, and has often been voted the most enjoyable Municipality in Norway to live in.



With stunning coastal landscapes, Florø is a hidden gem for nature enthusiasts. The islands nearby are perfect for hiking, and the breathtaking coastline is ideal for kayaking, coastal walking and sea fishing.

Brandsøyåsen viewpoint is a popular hike and in Florø. From the top you can enjoy panoramic views of the fjords, mountains and islands surrounding the westernmost town in Norway. There are several trails to the top and It takes about 2 hours to walk from the centre of the town to the top of Brandsøyåsen – its worth it for the breathtaking views.


Stabben lighthouse sits on top of a tiny, 300-square-metre, rocky island in the fjord, about 3 kilometres northwest of Florø. Take the opportunity to see the lighthouse from close up on the lighthouse safari. During a three-hour boat tour you can visit many of the area’s lighthouses where you will also be able to get a guided tour.

Kinn Island

Only a thirty minute boat ride from Florø, is the historic island of Kinn. The small island attracts over 3000 people in June, for Kinnaspelet, a local play. The beautiful nature, close proximity to the sea and the old stone church encapsulates the mysterious stories, sagas and myths of the area, making for an ideal backdrop for this theatrical experience.


The Kstmuseet – The Coast Museum is well worth a visit. You can see a variety of boats and exhibits showcasing Norway’s coastal communities, present and past.


Florø has its own micro brewery ‘Kinn Bryggeri’ named after the nearby island of Kinn. Everything is produced in the Florø brewery location and the beer is popular throughout Norway.

Tourist Information

Website: FjordNorway