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Fly to Campbeltown

O Campbeltown Loch I wish you were whisky

The West Coast of Scotland is an area which conforms perfectly to Scotland’s romantic image of a magical seaboard of isolated villages and small ports, and the harbour town of Campbeltown, the unofficial capital of Kintyre, certainly fits this image. Campbeltown is a holiday town and boating centre, and as one of the sunniest places on Scotland’s western coast, it has traded on its tourist charms for a century. The town is a sturdy and typical Highland burgh, and is the home of Scotch whisky, though of the 34 distilleries that helped spur the song about Campbeltown loch and whisky, it now has a very limited production.

Loganair flies to Campbeltown twice every weekday.

Loganair offers day away and overnight golf packages to play the Machrihanish links course and also Machrihanish Dunes.


To the west of Campbeltown lies Machrihanish, a holiday village with miles and miles of sandy beaches, and the home to one of Scotland’s finest golf courses. To the east of the loch is Davaar Island, famous for the rock cave bearing an El Greco like Crucifixion painting by Alistair Mackinnon from 1887. To the south of Campbeltown, at Southend, is St Columba’s Chapel, with the footprints of the saint who brought Christianity to northern Scotland, etched into the rock.

Campbeltown is home to Machrihanish Golf Course – This golf course has a unique first hole, where the ball is required to take the Atlantic breeze. The views from this course are stunning looking out over Islay and Jura.

Once proclaimed ‘the whisky capital of the world’ with 34 distilleries, today only three active distilleries remain in the town! Glen Scotia, Glengyle and Springbank. Visitors can enjoy a guided tour of Springbank. On the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the distillery which has been on the same sight since 1828. It is the only distillery to complete the full process in one place therefore you can experience the whisky process from start to finish.


Campbeltown is home to the Campbeltown malts festival, a three day event which showcases the best in Campbeltowns whiskies and spirits. it is a jam packed event with distillery tours, master classes, local craft stalls and live music it also has its own comedy film festival annually. For all over events see the link below

Campbeltown Events

Tourist Information

Website: Explore Campbeltown

Facebook:Explore Campbeltown 

Twitter: @Explore_Ctown