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Flights to Bergen

Viking City

Norway’s big city with the small-town atmosphere is full of history and tradition, and is a city with the ideal combination of charm, culture and absolutely stunning panoramic views.

Bergen’s hanseatic wharf dates back to the Middle Ages and is designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.
Strolling around the old streets and alleyways, you’ll discover the charm of the higgledy piggledy small wooden houses and the steep cobbled streets. Walk the length of Bryggen to the old fortress of Bergenhus, or drop in at one of the many museums and galleries, or the composer Edvard Greig’s home, and you’ll have sampled some of the city’s treasures.

Culinary experiences are yet another reason to visit Bergen, which is rated as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy. The city is arguably home to the best seafood due to the location on the North Sea, however, it isn’t only seafood that Bergen is well known for! Delicacies like lamb and small game from the region are sought after way beyond the Norwegian borders.

So where should you start a night out in Norway’s second largest city? After a quick walk around the city centre, you will quickly find a place which suits your taste. The genuine fondness for beer and good wine in Bergen has created the basis for stylish scandi- bars and pubs that will impress.

Top-rated attractions in Bergen include:

  • A leisurely stroll along Bryggen Wharf
  • have a meal and walk around Bergens fish market.
  • A hike to Hardanger Fjord
  • A magnificent cable car journey to Mount Ulriken
  • Voss Ski resort – located just over an hour from Bergen Airport

Our favorites include:

  • A visit to the Much exhibition at KODE art museum
  • Apres Ski at Voss Ski resort (December to April)
  • A concert in the city centre by Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
  • A stroll along the colourful Bryggen Wharf

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