Mountain of the Fjords

The island of Benbecula is part of the Uist archipelago, and of the dramatic islands that are the Outer Hebrides. Lying between North and South Uist, Benbecula is linked by a series of causeways and bridges to the Uists. The tiny island is 5 miles long by 8 miles, and the mountain referred to is ‘Rueval’, a rounded hillock only 126m high. To the east, the land is pitted with freshwater lochs, and to the west lies the main town of Balivanich, a home to army personnel who work on the missile range in South Uist.

Benbecula’s beauty lies in it’s natural surroundings, where anglers and birdwatchers, walkers and backpackers can share a great respect for the land with Benbecula’s crofters and fishermen, and marvel at the stark scenery of the land of the Gael.

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