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Fly to Barra

Subject to Tide

There can be no more dramatic or romantic an arrival to the Isle of Barra than on Loganair’s scheduled air services from Glasgow and Barra. Traigh Mhor, a 2 mile cockle shell strand, serves as the island’s runway, and as such, flights work to a flexible timetable as the runway disappears twice a day under the incoming tide.

Beaches and machair, croftland and a hilly interior, make up the landscape of this compact haven of an island, which is only 8 miles long by 4-5 miles wide. Barra is fringed by a number of smaller islands, including Vatersay, and the uninhabited islands of Mingulay, Parbay and Sandray.

Barra is a treasure of an island steeped in history, and swathed in nature’s beauty. Discover Barra today.


Barra is home to the clan MacNeill, the 15th century Kisimul Castle stands on a rock dominating the natural and sheltered harbour of Castlebay. Neat shops and houses line the road that climbs from the harbour to the church of “Our Lady, Star of the Sea” which proudly looks over this fishing town.

Barra airport is one of the most unusual in the world, with flights landing on the beach in between tides. At high tide the runway disappears beneath the waves. On arrival you’ll be treated to the delights of an island that epitomises all that is best in the Western Isles: clean beaches, an invigorating climate, a dominating seascape and great walking opportunities.

Barra is long famed for its beauty – boasting beaches, hills, machair and moor – all in just under 60 km2


Barra is host to the ‘Barrathon’ a half marathon that runs clockwise around the island. A fun day for the full family with plenty of  events for children. For the full list of events on Barra click the link below.

Events on Barra

Tourist Information

Website: VisitBarra