Name Changes

Conditions of Name Change

  • Passenger names should be entered into the system matching their passport. Full name and Title should always be included.
  • If a passenger has made a booking in a married name, yet passport/id shows maiden name, then documentation such as a marriage certificate should be taken for proof of identification.
  • Name changes will not be permitted for route changes
  • Name corrections up to 3 characters (including title)

Domestic flights (Including DUB)

  • Tickets do not need to be reissued for changes of 3 characters or less.
  • Please add an OSI into the PNR advising of the correct name.
  • Please confirm details to Trade Support so we can ensure the change is reflected in our system for check-in.

International Flights Only

Please contact Loganair Trade Support for further details.

Complete Name Changes Conditions

In general, tickets are non-transferable. However, the following procedure may be supported for situations requiring an entire name change.

Only completely unused tickets can be changed.

Name changes will not be authorised for partially flown itineraries.

A new PNR must be created for new passengers and flights and any difference in fare must be collected.

New PNR to be provided to Loganair

Original PNR to be cancelled by an agent with Name Change added into the reason for Refund.

Refund to be requested through BSP Link with the name change fee of £50.00 per passenger shown as MF Miscellaneous Fees

Loganair will authorise the refund of the Original PNR (less the name change fee of £50.00 per passenger name changed), providing the new PNR is given and tickets for new flights are fully flown.

Loganair will waive the refund fee in this instance.