Clan Loganair – our loyalty programme

Rewarding the usual, with something unusual 

We think we have a truly special route network with awe-inspiring destinations.

Therefore we have kept things simple – the more you fly, the more reward flights to our fantastic destinations you can redeem in return, where you only pay taxes.

Clan Points are earned per flight, so whether your regular commute is between Tiree and Glasgow or Inverness and Manchester, you will still collect 250 points per one-way journey.

Once you have collected enough Clan Points, you can then use these in exchange for a Clan Reward Flight to perhaps do something different from the usual.

How about using a Clan Reward Flight to fly to Campbeltown and swing away on the Machrihanish golf course?

The details…

You can earn one return journey using your Clan Points in as little as:

  • 5 return journeys for Fly Flex + customers
  • 16 return journeys for Fly and Fly Flex customers.

The number of Clan Points earned per flight and the number required for a return journey using Clan Reward Flights is shown in the table below:

You can also use Clan Points for a one-way Clan Reward Flight, whereby half the number of Clan Points are required.

Collect Clan Points when you make your booking with us. During the booking process you will be asked for your Clan Loganair Membership Number and your password. Simply type in your details and then complete your booking.

Clan Points will show as “pending” prior to your flight and will be confirmed once you travel.

Clan Points cannot be collected for bookings where a customer has not travelled.

We reward frequent flyers, therefore Clan Points are allocated to those who fly rather than those who make the booking.

For those making a booking for multiple passengers, enter the Clan Loganair Membership Number of each person within the party to ensure all Clan Points are allocated to all travelers.

You can use your points to book a one-way Clan Reward Flight or a return journey. It is up to you how you use your Clan Points.

A fixed number of points are awarded per Loganair flight, points do not vary by distance. So whether you are travelling from Glasgow to Bergen, or Glasgow to Islay, you will still collect the following:

  • 500 points per return journey in Fly & Fly Flex
  • 1600 points per return journey in Fly Flex +

So the more you flights you take with us, the more you are rewarded.

Don’t worry, you can use the “missing points” form below to claim Clan Points for any new bookings you have made where you forgot to add your Clan Loganair Membership Number. It may take up to 7 days for these to be added to your account.

You can also claim missing points for flights taken within the past 3 months using the missing points form (This excludes flights taken prior to Clan Loganair commencing )

You can book Clan Reward Flights online.

To book a Clan Reward Flight using your Clan Points, simply select “Book a Clan Reward Flight” in our booking window. You will then be able to search availability for Clan Reward Flights and use your Clan Points to make a booking.

You only pay airport charges and taxes – your air fare will be nil.

If your journey involves connections and you have more than one flight with us to/from your final destination, provided that the journey only contains Loganair operated flights, you will collect 250 Clan Points on each flight.

For example, if you fly from Norwich to Kirkwall via Edinburgh, you will collect 500 Clan Points in Fly or Fly Flex as you have taken 2 flights.

If you journey is on a “through-flight” whereby you stop on your way to your final destination at another airport but do not depart the aircraft, this is defined as one flight and therefore you will collect 250 Clan Points.

You can collect Clan Points if you book via a travel agent. You will need to provide your Clan Loganair Membership Number to your travel agent so they can attribute this to your booking. It may take up to 14 days for the points to be reflected in your account for travel agency bookings.

It may take up to 7 days for Introductory Bonus Clan Points to be added to your account

You can claim Clan Points for all flights sold via (excluding Orkney inter-isle services and routes operated by bmi regional – with the exception of routes between Inverness-Manchester and Inverness-Dublin).

You cannot collect or redeem Clan Points for bookings made directly with other airline partners i.e British Airways or bmi regional.

However for those booking with British Airways whereby as part of your booking there are Loganair operated flights, you can still earn your Avios points with British Airways on Loganair flights. However, you cannot spend your Avios points on Loganair services.

Unfortunately we cannot offer Clan Points for group bookings.

We aim to be generous with our availability for Clan Loganair Reward Flights, however they are still subject to availability and therefore you may not be able to redeem Clan Points on your first choice of flight.

Unfortunately we cannot add Clan Points for bookings made prior to the commencement of the Clan Loganair Loyalty Programme on the 16th October 2017.

Unfortunately you cannot collect Clan Points on Orkney inter-isle services.

In the first instance email: [email protected]

A member of the team will answer your enquiry as soon as possible.