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Discover Esbjerg and Beyond...

The stunning landscape and culture of Denmark's fifth-largest town, Esbjerg, has so much to offer. Esbjerg is known for being the base for Denmark's significant oil and gas exploration in the North Sea, but not many know about the attractions you can visit and things you can do in and around the town. It holds experiences, sights and culture that you can't find and explore in the UK. Delve into the wonders that Esbjerg has got to offer, discover some unique architecture, as well as museums and make memories by the beautiful coast. Here are some things that should be added to your 'must-do' list when visiting Esbjerg.

Arts & Culture

When in Esbjerg, it's very hard to miss the 9-metre-high sculpture and landmark, Man Meets the Sea, which overlooks both the Wadden and North Seas. It can be seen from 10 kilometres away! The sculpture is a timeless tribute to a pure man's encounter with nature. If you fancy some spectacular views of the city and the harbour, the water tower, which is situated in Esbjerg Municipal Park, is the best place for it. If you decide to climb to the top on a clear day, you can see both Fanø and Ribe. Close by, you'll also see the Art Museum (Kunstmuseum), which houses a comprehensive collection of 20th-century Danish paintings and sculptures.

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Unique Sealife

Located just 4km northwest of Esbjerg Centre, The Fisheries and Maritime Museum offers a unique maritime experience where you can learn more about nature below the sea surface. At Esbjerg's main attraction, you can find experiences for the whole family. Take a walk through the saltwater aquarium and discover rays, crabs and sharks, or if you're brave enough, touch the fish! See the resident seals get fed at the Sealarium, view the ducks at the Wadden Sea Pavilion, explore multimedia exhibits related to the sea or discover a bunker from the World War II era in the Friland Harbour – the options are endless!

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The Beauty of Nature

Wadden Sea National Park is the newest and largest national park in Denmark. It stretches over four communes and incorporates pristine beaches, wetlands, and nature reserves. In the Wadden Sea (which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site), you can find an abundance of bird life and the largest population of spotted seals. If you go during the summertime, you can also hop aboard a Seal and Wadden Sea Safari. In the national park, you can also find the island of Rømø, where at low tide, you can join an oyster safari and if you hang around until sunset, you might even get to witness the magnificent sort sol (black sun), a type of starling murmuration so thick it can partially block out the sun's light.

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