Trade Refunds

Latest Statement - 15 July

We understand customers are still waiting for us to process their refund requests arising from the Covid-19 crisis, and we know that this is taking longer than would usually be expected of us.
We have now put in place extra resources and new technology with our payment card processor which will enable us to accelerate the number of refunds processed every day.   This still requires manual processing, but as lockdown restrictions are starting slowly to ease, we have been able to bring in more staff to help process our customer refund requests.

We expect to complete all eligible outstanding refund requests we've received in March & April to be processed by no later than 4 August. For those requested May onwards, these will take up to 90 days to review.
In the meantime, we would like to thank you for your continued patience.   Please rest assured that your refund will be reviewed just as soon as we possibly can – there is no requirement for you to do anything else.  
We will continue to keep you up to date with our progress and will not stop until all eligible refunds are processed.
Thank you once again for your understanding.
Loganair Trade Team