Welcome to Shetland

The Ultimate Escape

The Romans called these islands Ultima Thule, believing them to be on the edge of the world. Nowadays Shetland is more like the ultimate escape to awesome coastal scenery, outstanding birdlife, a wealth of archaeological treasures, warm hospitality and much else besides.

Beneath its vast skies, Britain’s most northerly archipelago is 300 islands & skerries strong and possessed of a unique character. Viking roots run deep – the multiple Fire Festivals around New Year, such as the renowned Up Helly Aa longboat-burning, are vivid testimony to that. Explore other enthralling eras in the medieval castles, ancient brochs, standing stone circles and prehistoric villages.


Discover unique wildlife

Being home to the highest population density of Otters in Europe probably gives reason enough to venture here, but Shetland's wildlife doesn't stop there. A must-visit destination for bird-watchers, the islands are home to tens of thousands of species of Puffins, Guillemots, Fulmars, Kittiwakes and Razorbills. In fact, the nature reserve of Sumburgh Head awaits as soon as you step off the plane by Sumburgh Airport, or for a bigger day-out, enjoy a summer cruise around Noss. Other sea life thrives here too, with frequent sightings of Orcas, Grey and Common seals, and Harbour Porpoises.

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And a very special landscape

One constant in any visit to Shetland is the backdrop of its unique landscape. During the summer months expect daylight for 18 hours a day, well into the night - meaning plenty of time for bird-watching and whale-watching, amongst other things. The locals here describe the bright nights as the "Simmer Dim" where the sun just dips below the sea, meaning it's never really dark. As the sun sits low on the horizon you'll see magnificent silhouettes of the islands unique landscapes, and as a UNESCO Global Geo-park, the sheer diversity of the geography here means that no two sunsets are ever the same.

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