Orkney Inter Isle Travel Requirements

Official Notice From Orkney Islands Council

Essential Travel between the Orkney Isles and mainland Orkney affecting air services to from Eday, Sanday, Stronsay, North Ronaldsay, Papa Westray and Westray


Following updated Government advice on Covid-19, it is crucial that the policy for the carriage of passengers on our internal ferry and air service matches the national need to minimise the amount of movement of people. To this end,  Travel and Transport will be entirely focused on the need to protect and support the NHS and on the need to provide the logistics and emergency and repair activities to enable people to remain safe, sheltered, fed, healthy and, where required, supported and cared for. Restrictions on travel and transport and the associated timetable changes and those required to be at their normal place of work will be imposed shortly.  

To this end, the policy for the carriage of people on our ferries and air services are until further notice, firmly restricted to:


1. Isles residents travelling to and from their isles place of residence.

- Daily travel should be discouraged unless the individual is a Key Worker (ferries; emergency services or ferry/pier staff).

- Travelling to stay or be with or to visit relatives is discouraged unless it is to provide care for them.

- Travel for shopping is discouraged as the on isles shop should be used – supplying such shops will be a priority.


2. Health and care workers travelling to the isles to provide urgent medical and care duties.


3. Essential repair workers for repair tasks crucial to the wellbeing, safety and shelter of residents.

- Examples are heating repairs, electrical safety and making IN USE dwellings watertight


4. Essential repairs for public services including water, electricity, phone and internet provision and critical repairs to roads and essential/emergency vehicles.


5. Those involved in the production of food for immediate consumption.


6. Those involved in essential logistics for stocks about to run out (fuel; food; animal feed) and essential waste collection.


7. Vets on emergency call outs


Those travelling are to provide, when asked, for evidence of place of residence if an isles resident. For all others, letters of proof of tasks from their employers/company or evidence of the defect repair to be undertaken must be provided at the time of booking.

Travel will be refused for all  other reasons including routine maintenance, construction, inspections, surveys, training, non-critical repairs etc

The Captain’s adjudication is final and Loganair will not be held responsible for the consequences of any decision to refuse travel.