Explore Norwegian Freedom!

Escape the busy city life...

Many of us have become all too familiar with the familiar these last couple of years, so we’re glad to see it’s finally time for some well-deserved freedom and to explore some new places. And what better place to experience a sense of freedom than in the wide-open and less familiar landscapes that Norway has to offer?


Surrounded by the magnificent fjords and many other natural attractions, Bergen is the perfect city to visit both with family and friends. For some exciting sightseeing, on a nice day, head up to Mount Fløyen on the Fløibanen funicular, where you will get a spectacular view of Bergen and the nearby fjords. If you’re up for an adventure whilst you’re there, take one of the hiking routes that are great for beginners, as well as for the more experienced. If you have children with you, not to worry as there are nature trails, a nature playground and Troll Forest nearby! For those who are more experienced, Mount Ulriken, Bergen’s highest mountain, is a good option. You can either walk up or take the Ulriksbanen cable car to the top.

  • Fly to Bergen from Edinburgh, Sumburgh and Newcastle.
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With its white sandy beaches, majestic fjords and natural landscape, Stavanger is an excellent location for anyone who loves exploring the outdoors! For an adventurous day trip, from Stavanger, you can head to Pulpit Rock for a hike like no other. The hiking trail is easily accessible from Stavanger and relatively simple to follow, plus you will be rewarded with magnificent views of the Lysefjord, one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway! You can also take a cruise around the Lysefjord and inhale the beauty and fresh air surrounding it. And if you would like to do something a bit more unique, we highly recommend climbing the world’s longest staircase – Florli 4444, which is not very well-known by tourists.

  • Fly to Stavanger from Edinburgh and Newcastle.
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